Sept 27 first night Montana

This morning we wake up to drop drop drop of rain on the tent. Nothing pounding, but I know this is just the beginning. It’s time to pack up.


Red skies at night, sailors delight
Red skies in morning, sailors take warning


IMG_1011  Earlier this morning I heard a huge bump outside the tent.  The dogs (mica) gave a short warning but hushed up pretty easily.   A short distance from the tent I discovered that the dumpster had been turned up side down.  My first thought was some giant bear did it…. alas…. it there were truck tracks in the dirt.  Just one last bit of maintenance for the closed park.  I’m sure it’s turned over, not to keep the bears out, but to keep people from filling it up when it can’t be emptied during the winter.

Today will be a long day of driving.  I plan on getting to Missoula before dark today.  I was able to pack most of the car before the rain really came down.  The Tent, of course was wet.  I’m really glad I’m using a tarp under the tent as it would have been a muddy mess to pack.  As it is, this tent is more trouble stuffing into it’s too small bag than it is erecting.  Oh well.

Said ‘good-bye’ to Salmon La Sac and headed back down I90.  Once in Idaho, I decided to stop at a rest area to dry out the tent.   There were high winds and it didn’t take long.  Someone stopped to offer help.  They were afraid the tent would blow away.  Little did they know that it weighs a mere 70 pounds…

Spent most of the day on the highway.  Made a quick stop in Missoula to buy some essentials.  I had waited for the purchases knowing that there was no sales tax in Montana.  I got a small fire extinguisher, CO detector, gloves, long underwear and a few other items.

It was getting to be early evening so I decided to find a spot to Car Camp off the highway.  About 20 miles out of Missoula I found signage for a Ghost Town/ National Forest.  Hummm…..  should be quiet there!  Unfortunately the Ghost Town had been a Garnet Mining Town and what was left of it were huge piles of stones that lined the road.  Not a place to stop.  I investigated a few side roads coming off the main dirt road but they only lead to small pockets of what appeared to be squatter’s camps.  I decided to let the dogs out for some exercise since we were in the middle of no where and they had a great time running with the car.  At one point I spotted a lone cow laying in the trees so I picked up the pace and the dogs were none the wiser.



A little further down the highway I found a sweet spot to stay for the night.  It was safely away from the main road and had no traffic.  It was late enough that the dogs were able to do enough investigating without getting into any trouble…. and then off to bed.

IMG_1092 IMG_1091
We remain to have good weather.  I think we’re following a small storm system but don’t seem to be catching up with it.  The ground has been damp but the sky clear.

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