Sept 28- second night… Montana!

Found a lovely lunch spot.  It was next to a babbling brook teaming with life.  There were so many Water Striders that I had to take a picture (although you can’t really tell what it’s about…LOL).  They happen to be one of my favorite bugs.  I used to sit for hours watching them when I was in junior high.  I had a secret pond that I’d hike to with my little white dog.  We’d sit for hours and hours watching the swallows, beavers and bugs.


All those little black dots are Water Striders


Just some water action over plant life


Gravel and plants

We got our first sighting of snow!


Little did we know that in less than a week we’d be in for more snow than we’d bargained.

It was such a beautiful spot I considered camping here.  Until…….  Mica and TinTin disappeared for about 5 minutes.   I wasn’t worried since they never go very far and everyone had been romping in the stream with frequent ‘check-ins.’   Soon Mica and TinTin showed up but something was amiss.  TinTin was smacking her lips.  I thought she’d found some Deer candy.  Then I saw Mica with a rim of red around his mouth and smeared across his muzzle.  I knew immediately he’d found a carcass.  At our early camp I found a deer skin drying on the side of a stream and, while driving, I’d seen a significant number of guys out with guns.  IT’S HUNTING SEASON IN MONTANA!

I asked Mica to lead me to his ‘kill,’ and he was more than enthusiastic to share.  The deer wasn’t that old but I could see that the belly was starting to swell.  I’m sure it had been shot but never recovered. Two of its legs were well chewed.  I wasn’t concerned about the dogs eating the meat but it brought to mind the possibility of a bear coming across this and the fact that the dogs are out romping around… basically looking like big silver deer.  We were in a National Forest so technically there shouldn’t be any hunting but I decided that I needed to get some fluorescent jackets for the dogs.

PS.  Aren’t you glad I didn’t get pictures?!


After lunch we hit the road again and the dogs dropped off to sleep.

IMG_0943 IMG_0946


The Changing Scenery





Once more Evening was approaching and I scouted out a camping site.  Since it was only to be one night I decided to sleep in the car once again.  I found a Forest Service Road that wound its way up a small mountain.  We went about 5 miles in.  It was open range and the small meadow I found was full of old Cow Flops.   The wind was picking up and the weather was threatening rain so I decided to back down the road a bit and find shelter under the canopy of Pinion Pines.




Camping food doesn’t have to be bad!

My prediction was right and we woke up the next morning to high winds,  lots d sleet and a DEAD battery.  Ironically, I think I drained it charging up the Auto Battery Charger.  I was charging it while driving and forgot to unplug it that night.  Luckily it did its job and we were on our way.

2 thoughts on “Sept 28- second night… Montana!

  1. Jeanne Titcomb says:

    What a beautiful picture you paint. I felt I was part of your journey. Keep painting that canvas….we are eager to see more….Jeanne


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