Oct 1- Arrive at Pierce’s

IMG_1149  The next morning it was already time to hit the road.  Our next stop was Bozeman to visit Ken and Linda Pierce.  They own Epic’s brother Banjo.


Mica taking in the fresh Montana Air

I had a number of purchases to make before we left town.  I got each of the poodles a nice hunting coat, ordered new glasses and picked up chains for the car.  At this point I’m afraid the car might explode.


Finally ‘really’ got going at 2:32. As you can see the weather was great and I had plenty of fuel for the trip.

IMG_1156 IMG_1155

It wasn’t far out of Helena when the topography started to change, but more impressive was the obvious threat of a change in weather.


My plan


I had planned to travel through Bozeman on the way to Yellow Stone National Park.  Unfortunately, with the Government Close, the park was no longer an option.

park close

news park closure


Late that evening, The 4 poodles and I arrived at the Pierce’s.

It was a wonderful sight to see Linda, Ken and Banjo.  In no time we were enjoying a fantastic dinner of seafood pasta and crisp white wine.   I retired (quite tired) to their down stairs bedroom to find a bed thick with wool blankets and a lofty down comforter.


Mica and Eureka! making themselves comfortable in the very dog friendly home.


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