Oct 5- Snowbound

Almost caught up!!  

Of course it took two days stranded in a hotel to do it 🙂


weather3 weather2

“A rare but fierce October snowstorm rolled over the central Rocky Mountains yesterday, downing trees and forcing closures of state offices and more than 200 miles of I-90 in Wyoming and South Dakota, state highway officials said.

As much as 30 inches of snow was forecast for parts of the Black Hills region of western South Dakota, the National Weather Service said.

“It’s not normal this time of year, but it is not unheard of,” said meteorologist Cory Martin. “ But this amount of snow for an October storm is on the higher end.”….

The heavy snow had caused power outages in the Casper, Wyo., area…..

About 220 miles of I-90 were closed, from Sturgis, S.D., to Sheridan in northeastern Wyoming, according to transportation departments in both states.”


I drove out of Bozeman  yesterday.  Sky clear and the roads wet but clearing.  It was looking great until I reached Sheridan.  I’d been told, by one of Ken and Linda’s friends, that Sheridan is a nice little town to visit.  I decided to take the opportunity to drive down Main Street and see what it was like.  I drove the usual ‘OLD  HIGHWAY ROUTE’ expecting to re-enter the highway on the south end of town.  When I got to the highway entrance ramp I saw a car stopped in front of what looked like a rail road ‘arm.’  Its lights were flashing red, but there was absolutely no indication as to why.  I sat for a few minutes behind the other car thinking that the train must cross the highway.  I gave up, drove under the highway and headed back north.  I then took the exit ramp, reentered the highway south.

Much to my amazement there was a line of semi trucks lining the road and a full 1/4 mile of cars parked on the highway.


As I drove through them (there was a clear pathway to the exit ramp) I saw ahead of me another ‘rail road arm’ with red lights flashing and a small sign that warned about a Fine if passed.  Clearly the highway was closed… But why?



It’s hard to see, but this car is stopped in front of the ‘railroad arm’

My humble home away from home

It was coming close to 6pm and i decided that I needed a place to sleep for the night.  After trying a half dozen motels I finally found one with a room.


I was next to a couple from Alaska who thought it quite amusing that the highway was closed for just a few feet of snow. We got to talking through the two days and the woman, Pat, ended up inviting me to visit them in Tok, Ak if I make it up there next summer. I love traveling!


No one had any explanation as to what was going on, except….. ‘The highway is closed for a while.’

That was last night.


This morning, the highway was still closed.  Apparently the road was closed for 50 miles south to Buffalo and then another 150 miles to Casper.  No one knew when it might open again.  I decided, instead of worrying about it all day, that I’d stay another night and work on the blog.

The Poodles and I had a fabulous day.  We started it off by finding a wonderful ‘wilderness park’ in which to romp.  I found it completely by accident as I drove around gawking at the local snow damage IMG_1205 IMG_1204and hoping to find a secluded spot for the poodles.   The park was off a side road that doubled as the entrance to a ‘new development.’  IMG_1232The development was actually a very large expanse of open terrain with a herd of prong horns, a dozen deer and a village of prairie dogs.



The prairie dogs were the biggest problem.  I’ve never had such a poor recall on Nickel.  She was determined to get one.  The ungulates weren’t a problem since they were at a good enough distance that I could distract the poodles long enough to give them a change to meander out of olfactory range.

We spent about an hour and a half hiking through the area.

The trees were heavy with snow and would occasionally release their boughs with a huge WOOSSSHHH  which would startle us all.  The snow was sloughing off the trees because the sun was so intense. IMG_1251

I found some animal tracks too. IMG_1243 I love following animal tracks as they can tell you such a story.  These didn’t have much to say but it was fun to figure out who made them.  Nothing surprising… some prairie dogs, a fox and a deer or two.



IMG_1242 IMG_1227

IMG_1241 IMG_1240



We finished the day by going to the Library.  Of course the poodles just napped in the car.  I wanted to work on the blog.  It is a Fabulous Library!!!


with an unsurprising connections to Charles Russell


An original work and documentation of the work framed in the back ground.


Historical view of the town of Sheridan


Oh.  and one last thing.   Wendy, here’s a picture of me…… sorry you asked?  LOL!


To See Today’s Weather Forecast In This Area Click Here:

8 thoughts on “Oct 5- Snowbound

  1. Joanne Wike says:

    Finally have caught up with all your blogs. The poodles seem to be having a blast. You too, but they are getting a lot more sleep than you. Those are great hunting jackets, very spiffy.


  2. How great to see the dogs having such fun. I know mine love romping in the snow too but it’s not on my list of top 10 things to do. 🙂 Sheridan- my husband begged me to go check it out, in hopes he could move back to ‘Big Wonderful’. Now it’s outside of Wheatland that has his interest. Glad you found a good place to stay as you waited out the road clearing. Wow, Fall just started and snow like that?! Enjoying your blogs Vikki. (and nice picture!)


  3. Melissa Blazak says:

    Looks like you are having a great time and so are the Poodles! What gorgeous country…..lucky lucky. Rudy would have loved the snow!


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