Oct 8 Boulder Bound

Colorado has been a treat… Temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s.  I had to dig the summer clothes from the roof bag.


After leaving Sue and Bills I took a short side trip for the doggies to run.  A local park proven to be the perfect spot.


 There was even a river where the dogs took a quick dip.

IMG_1359 IMG_1358


Sometimes vandalism is Art

We weren’t prepared for the fire ants though.  I thought it was strange that sand had been dumped in huge heaps


….   of course they were ant hills.  Poor Mica stepped on one and apparently Nickel poked one with her nose.


That red dot is a dead fire ant stuck by it’s stinger…. YICK!!

From there we headed for Boulder


The highway into Boulder.  You can see the Flat Irons on the left.  Many years ago I climbed here…. many years ago.


Mica checking out the new scents

We arrive in Boulder, home of Sue, Mark, Alex and John


No these aren’t Sue, Mark, Alex or John. But the poos are looking out from inside their home.


One thought on “Oct 8 Boulder Bound

  1. I didn’t realize there were fire ants that far up north and west. Here in southeast, Texas, of course, fire ant mounds are all over the place in fields, and we have problems with them in the neighborhoods of towns, too. I remember the first time I accidentally stepped in a mess of fire ants as i was walking out to my car for work at dark-thirty. The pain from those little pissers is searing and each bite leaves a pimple-looking bump. I hate those guys.


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