Oct 9 & 10 Boulder and Onward

We stayed in Boulder for two days.  It was a nice relaxing visit.  Once again we spend our time chatting, eating and relaxing.  The poodles made themselves right at home!

photo 1 It was great to catch up on Mark and Sue and their two boys John and Alex.  What an amazing family.  I met Mark and Sue in the late 80’s / early 90’s.  They were climbing friends of my late husband, Phil.   We spent the most time together during our 28 days on Mount McKinley…. but that’s a whole other story ;0)   It was great fun to hear about the family’s most recent trip.  They spend a month trekking in Nepal. DSCN0871 The boys put together a slide show complete with music.  Now those were some amazing stories and pictures!


Mica pretending he’s human.


IMG_2430They’ve never had dogs of their own but they were more than generous about letting the dogs hang in the house (and on the couch and chairs too!)

IMG_2428 IMG_2429looking in from the back yard.

During one of Sue’s errands she checked into the local Thriftstore to let me know if they had any stuffed animals.  Eureka needed a new BinkyIMG_2443



Not So Early Departure

Packing up andIMG_2451

A sad good-byeIMG_2453



Leaving Boulder the temp is starting to drop.
We’ve now been on the road (driving time) 44 hours and 49 minutes.. I guess I could have waited another 51 seconds to take the picture!

Oct 10th the poodles and I said good-bye and headed off.  Our first stop was the local Thrift Store.  to get Eureka her new Binky. IMG_1387




IMG_1406IMG_1419 IMG_1402

Up interstate 25 and 85.  A beautiful drive off the beaten path. 

Weather forecast if for rain the next 5 days but I decided to head north to South Dakota anyway.  The wind and distant clouds threaten to support the weather prediction. IMG_1445

  IMG_1437 IMG_1438

I can’t get enough of the snow breaks
IMG_1428 IMG_1434
Incredible landscapes





  We drive into the night and I begin to watch for pullouts to car-camp.  We’re on a two lane road with a speed limit of 65 but everyone is going 10 miles an hour faster.  It doesn’t seem to be a problem since the road is pretty straight and empty.  Suddenly there are orange barriers up ahead and I realize that the road narrows to one lane with traffic going in both directions! IMG_1462 IMG_1463             I’m glad there was a truck in front of me or I might have had a slower reaction to what was going on.  There were several more of these along the route.


It’s pitch dark by the time I find a pull out for the night.  But we lucked out with a beautiful trail head parking area, complete with bathroom and picnic shelter.   Since it was dark  and Sue had fixed me up with bag full of sandwiches and fruit, I decided to skip a cooked dinner.  Instead we headed out for what turned out to be a very entertaining walk.  About 5 minutes into our ‘hike’ the sky started to light up with distant lightning.

It was far off so no risk.  The poodles were beside themselves with glee.  The cold air, wind and fresh smells make it a feast for their senses.  Our timing was just right, as we got back to the car the rain started to come down. Settled in for the night to a wild thunder and lightning storm.  The poodles and I took a short hike in the dark along the   trail.  The trail head doesn’t even start for 15 miles and we probably only went half a mile down the trail.  It was very surreal with the nearly pitch black and lightening filling the sky.  It was quite a ways off, over a small range.  The poodles were dancing with excitement.  Between the patches of snow, stinky game smells, chill in the air and it just plain being dark, they were in heaven.  It was a fun jaunt.  Once back to the car I organized sleeping arrangements and started to settle in when the wind and pelting rain hit.   Of course I hadn’t planned things out very well and realized that, instead of a pile of containers and cooler next to the car (under a tarp) they’d be better off under the picnic shelter.  I ran to move all of it only to be drenched with rain. We’re now snug in the rocking car.  Thunder and lightening are all around us and the wind is gently rocking us to sleep.  I have the windows cracked and the cool air settles in around our blankets.  The poodles fell quickly to sleep and I can hear Mica snoring.

we probably wont have internet for a while

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