Oct 11….later that day…..

ºººººººººCuster State Parkººººººººº


Finally a sign that doesn’t say closed!!!


Stop for doggies to stretch


Nickel eats a bunny


Sorry bunny


It’s a long windy road, going up and over, to the center of the park.


Every corner produced stunning beauty in rock formations

IMG_1638 IMG_1639


The day’s coming to an end

IMG_1619and the sky is looking ominous.

I’m running out of daylight and still need to set up camp.  I’m eager to try my new tent again and urning to stay-put in for a few days.

It appears that all the campgrounds in the park have been closed for the winter.  The only available spots are the Lodges.  Hey,  I haven’t come all this way to say indoors!!   I hate to say it but I found access into one of the closed campgrounds and decide to settle in.


How do you keep your tarp down in the wind?

IMG_1720poodles of course!


I’d intended to get  pictures of the camp but darkness fell too quickly.  I had cheese and crackers for dinner since I was too tired to set up the stove for anything more.


How do you end a good day?


Mark, Sue, Alex and John…. do you recognize this place?

Poodles say this movie is boring


9 thoughts on “Oct 11….later that day…..

  1. I couldn’t tell you when I’ve laughed so hard. Your dogs are totally entirely absolutely funny as hell. There are surely plenty of bunnies around and I bet Nickel never ate anything quite as yummy. Sorry, bunny lovers. 😉


  2. Lavena says:

    I think I have seen that movie…
    Heading over to the trial in Union Gap, can be windy. Hmmm… I think I might use the same method although I am one poodle short!


    • The had the Buffalo round up a few weeks before so the herds were limited. I drove by the corrals and there were a lot there. Apparently they cull the herd and do some sort of sorting. No natural predators and all.


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