Oct 12 staying put


48 degrees clear blue sky


walk around lake


We take another early morning drive around park


IMG_1736 IMG_1727 IMG_1748



and I think I find hike

IMG_1790 IMG_1788but move on.

THEN!!!!  WE SEE….

a buffalo fighting with prong horn and a prairie dog taking pictures!


We finally find a good hike

IMG_1772 IMG_1769

down a canyon.  At the  bottom we find a very swollen river that has obliterated the trail. IMG_1777 I decide to bushwhack along the river and up over some rocky outcrops.  No worry of rattlesnakes in this chilly weather.  It was a lot of scrambling for a group of out of shapers….  Mica and Nickel kept the lead.


Eureka! finds Mica


These rocks are full of it. In the sun the rocks glint and glimmer.

at the end of the hike… back up at the topIMG_1785we met a woman visiting South Dakota.  She was from New York and told me the story of loosing her house to Hurricane Sandy.  She was here visiting a friend and said she had learned a lot in the last year.  She took this picture for us.


TinTin was exhausted

We spent the rest of the day investigating various roads in the park.  We found another national forest entrance that was … you guessed it… closed IMG_1612Since Mica and Nickel were still full of steam, I let them run with the car for a while.  I took frequent stops to gather wood for a fire.


It was a very long day and I looked forward to a cozy fire and a hot meal.  Unfortunately, upon returning to the campsite I found a piece of paper on the picnic table stating that I was in a closed campground and to leave IMMEDIATELY.  You can’t imagine my disappointment.  It took me over an hour to tear down the camp and I still had to find a new site before dark.  All the poodles were crashed and very displeased at my shooshing them out of the tent.  They all laid in the dirt watching me take down the tent, wondering what was going on.

Once again we hit the road to explore some side roads outside the park.


The downed trees weren’t hard to get around and provided cover from the main road.

With the evening approaching I managed to find a gravel road off the main road to Custer City (a city of 1300 people).  It actually turned out to be a great spot.  I didn’t want to travel too far down the road since it turned into muddy mire and, once again, I expected rain.  I don’t know where they found it, but the Poodles got a second wind and while I set up for the night they chased squirrels and investigated a nearby brush pile.


TinTin stands sentry

By the time we finished a quick dinner darkness embraced us.  I stayed up for a while organizing photos but the Poodles fell fast to sleep.  Around midnight I woke up and saw there was a heavy layer of wet snow on the windshield.  What a surprise!  By morning most had melted off but the poodles enjoyed the crisp 30 degree air and slushy snow beneath their feet.

IMG_1809 but now it’s no longer Oct 12! and you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of our story.

7 thoughts on “Oct 12 staying put

  1. Wendy Harrison says:

    You all look happy! You got a good pic of the buffalo and it was good to finally see a pic of you. (I was wondering if Tin Tin and Eureka were maybe making this all up) :o)


  2. twopoodles says:

    I love reading your posts. I admire your courage in finding places to camp. I know I’d feel safe with four dogs with me, but it can be so remote in those areas!


  3. Lavena says:

    One wonders who was around to put the note in your camp in the first place. They could have just as easily “with a wink and a nod” taken your camping fee! At least you didn’t get fined by the “camping police”! Your pictures are lovely. What a wonderful opportunity for you and poodles. I can imagine how “fit and buff” you will all be when we see you again!!


    • It was a State Park. I’ve really enjoyed the state parks in South Dakota. They are nicely run and beautiful. I have no qualms about paying to stay in a park.. I actually put the fee in the box! Maybe that’s why they didn’t ticket me and let me go with a stern warning. I was just between a rock and a hard place. All the national parks were closed and in the area, all the state parks closed too. I ‘thought’ i’d investigated before I headed for Custer and as far as I knew, the campgrounds were open. Oh well.


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