Oct 14 Mount Rushmore and more…… part 1

Staying in a motel


Gave me the chance to watch the weather channel and plan the best route.  I’ve been incredibly lucky so far as I stayed just behind the most recent storm system.  It looks like winter is catching up.

It was a productive night working on the blog. Barely had time to catch up on emails, but even so, my iMail wont let me send out. Sigh. I didn’t have a problem with my computer until uploading the new version of IOs on my iPhone. Now I can’t get my CD to eject either.

It was a rainy night but, despite a heavy blanket of clouds, it’s a dry morning. Funny how weather becomes so important when you’re traveling.


The forecast is for 1-2 feet of snow in the Northern mountains and just inches south. I decided to head south again so I can camp a few nights before heading into the heartland of Iowa/Illinois and Ohio.


On the way south we’ll hit Mt Rushmore. I’m not sure how much you can see from the road but what the heck. As We head out of ‘town’ there’s still clear evidence from the blizzard that passed through two weeks ago. Piles of snow and the trees have been decimated.

IMG_1886 IMG_1885

It looks like a tornado touched down in some of the neighborhoods. There seems to be either dump trucks filled with branches or people with chain saws cutting through downed trees neighborhood.

From Rapid City to Keystone (Mount Rushmore)


Heading down the Rushmore Highway, I turn into the National Parks Headquarters. For what? To take more pictures of Closed signs.IMG_1889

While there the Poodles say ‘Hello’ to Smokey.


Nickel’s not sure about this guy



Outside the closed Park Building are some maps of the area with marked campgrounds.

IMG_1894      IMG_1897

As we approach the town of Keystone, Mount Rushmore’s home, I’m shocked by the sudden cluster of cluttered buildings. Bill boards and gaudy hotels fill the horizon.

Quickly past the town the directional signs for National Monument begin to dot the highway. With an impulsive turn to the wheel, I turn the car into the entrance of the park, fully expecting to face a “CLOSED” sign. What a shock to see a green light and manned both waiting my arrival. The attendant said that the State, as of today, was funding the opening of a few National Parks. I was pleased and displeased at the same time…. I never intended to pay $11.00 to enter the park!! LOL. Oh well, I suppose the funding is needed. Since I’m here, I’m going to damn well take some tourist pictures!


To my delight, Jefferson has a runny nose IMG_1908and Lincoln is situated next to an Alien.


More evidence to support ‘Area 51’


9 o’clock shadow



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