Oct 15 The BadLands






Wake up in the morning IMG_1977 We see that we’re in the closed entrance to the Badlands National Park camping ground.  Between the shut down and this being a more remote part of the park, only a few local trucks drive by.  It’s about 8am and I decided to move without breakfast… the poodles eat of course.   It’s still sleet and wind but I  want to explore the area a little.

Since this is a regular thorough fare, the road through this part of the park isn’t gated off.  They have carefully closed every possible vista point though!



 Luckily  I find another gravel road (not mud!) with a trail head…. So off we go for a hike. IMG_2052


one benefit of hiking in a storm!

IMG_2050  IMG_2030 IMG_2020 IMG_2012 I don’t know how far we hiked.   Between the very slippery mud, prickly pears and wind we probably didn’t get very far.  IMG_2029 We were out a good three hours though and were able to see the park in one of it’s IMG_2046 unique IMG_1998moods. IMG_1997

The end of a long hike

IMG_2005IMG_2045 IMG_2038 IMG_2055


We’re all very happy to get back into the car…


Ok, So  and I were!

Mica continued on without us.

He went on ahead for another couple miles.

IMG_1994 IMG_1990


Good Bye Badlands




Onward to Sioux City


  My plan at this point is to look for hotel.  We’re all tired, muddy and ready for a splurge.  The city between The Badlands and Sioux City is Sioux Falls.  It has a population of about 150,000 so I thought it would be a great place to bathe the dogs and run a few errands before getting a hotel in Sioux City (about 100 miles south of Sioux Falls).


The Fall colors are spectacular


IMG_2101 IMG_2100 IMG_2090 IMG_2096 IMG_2070 IMG_2076


Very tired Poodles

After a frustrating 2 hours of trying to find my way around without GPS, I finally found a Petco with a self wash dog service.  Unfortunately, they required proof of Rabies on all the dogs.  I do Titers on the Poodles so there was no way to resolve the issue so back to the Interstate and southward we go.


My plans need to change

Muddy Dogs Hotel

I see a small state park named, Newton Hills, on the map and decide to check it out.  It’s about 25 miles south of Sioux Falls.  The park is outside a small town, Canton. As usual, it’s getting late as I pull into the campground and everything is shut down.  I figure out how to pay for a spot and roll into the completely empty park.

It’s beautiful

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so I decide to pitch the tent and stay a few nights.


6 thoughts on “Oct 15 The BadLands

  1. Wendy Wahman says:

    I held my breath from Mud on… as you could have guessed. I hope you’re able to nest here a few days, maybe find another place to bathe the pack (including you!)


  2. Claudia says:

    Beautiful place– love the fall colors! With the orange coats they look like dogs with coats–not dinner ! Do you have anything non dinner like to wear ? Just checking….lolo


  3. Hi there, Re: the Badlands… Love the pic of you all bundled up! There’s a pic if your feet and then what looks like paws – what is it? It looks like rocks in water or pearly paws??? Regardless of the mud and cold and inconveniences you’ve run into, you look happy and healthy and well, cold, but happppyyyyy! Hugs W

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. Tam says:

    Hey, finally got the link to your blog!

    Hmmm… I guess they don’t call it “BADlands” for nothing haha: during warm times, “Rattlesnakes”; Cold spells: frozen paw prints, frozen noses and prickly pears still!? Looks like a beautifully open, clay-rich area though and wow! What an adventure!

    Well, I hope to hear from you again SOON, Vikkers; I do realize your limitations for internet access, etc, yet this is very suspenseful (I wasn’t named the family the ‘worry wart” for nothing,, you know). Did you find a hotel? Dog/people bath? Please write as SOON as you are able to connect with civilization again… I can’t help but worry (that’s me.. the opposite of you in many ways, lol)… anyway… otherwise have fun and enjoy every moment possible! : )


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