Oct 16 Newton Hill State Park, South Dakota

Newton Hills Park

South Dakota

What a great find!  This park and the delightful town of Canton turned out to be a great respite after the past few days.  The temperature was perfect for hiking (mid 50’s)  and the nights not too cold (high 30’s).   As i entered the park I was given the sense of small town…. something that brings back memories of my childhood in New Hampshire.


Self serve honor system for wood.


I found a perfect campsite

Since we were the only people in the entire park we had complete solitude.

An early morning wake up by the Poodles.  They’re eager to go.  Me? Not so much.  I heard it pouring rain all night and I stubbornly refuse to face another dreary day.  The weather called for blue skies but it’s hard to believe after the heavy clouds and pouring rain of last night.  Of course you can’t put off poodles who have decided to throw their bodies across yours, so I relent.


I step out into a crisp cool dry morning!  How could this be?

IMG_2332I decide to start the day with a few chores and head into town.  There’s a little café that looked like the perfect local spot for a real breakfast…  Ok… it’s the ONLY café.  Walking in, all eyes were on me… oy.   The room was filled with white-haired farmers eating hardy breakfasts of bacon, eggs and white toast.  I forgot that Wonderbread still exists!  I have a leisurely breakfast while my laundry finishes up at the Laundromat and I wait for the library to open.  The poodles aren’t happy that they’re sitting in a car when there’s a woods full of turkeys back at camp.

I spent two hours at the Canton IMG_2218library working on the blog.  It seems like all I do is play catch-up.  Just modifying the pictures takes for ever.  It’s a nice little library and seems to be a popular place.  Someone is here using the microfiche scanner as he works on research about the original rail line that passed through here.  Apparently his grandfather was one of the original owners.  There are volumes of antique books sitting on the shelf next to me.

The strangest background I found about Canton is not just bizarre and sadly shocking.  It was the site of the first Native American Asylum, built-in 1898.

    Hiawatha Insane Asylum


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******I decided to pick up my laundry and head out to the woods.


We enjoyed several hikes one of which was Turkey Trot Trail where the poodles flushed out several wild turkeys.  Little did I realize that it’s Turkey hunting Season!  IMG_2331Well, the poodles were safe in their neon vests but it was a bit disconcerting to see the sign at the end of our day.


Weird bugs
IMG_2267 IMG_2265
These bugs grossed me out but I couldn’t stop looking for piles of them….

While I was busy scouting out bugs, the Poodles found mud to play in….YIKES

IMG_2297 IMG_2318 IMG_2292

On top of the mud… they found BURRS…..

Back to the camp we headed.  For a bath


The burrs were so imbedded that I had to have Nickel and Eureka’s ears down.



In the short time the burrs were twisted in Eureka’s ear hair, they rubbed welts into her skin


IMG_2253After all of this we finally called it a day!!!

5 thoughts on “Oct 16 Newton Hill State Park, South Dakota

  1. PoodleNation says:

    Eureka looks so content in her vest and mud. Hope all the burrs came out and didn’t leave to many welts or sores on any of the Poos.


  2. Lavena says:

    OMG, those “burrs” look like bugs from some Sci-Fi movie that will crawl up your leg and crawl into your ear!! Oh, yuck! Poor poos!! Ewww, I guess they did “crawl” up to the poodles ears!!!!


    • Tam says:

      EXACTLY what I saw, too, lol!! The burrs definitely look like extraterrestrial insects … Vikki, hey, you could cash in on that… I can see it on the Marquees: “Alchmy’s Four Poodles in: THE ATTACK OF THE ALIEN ARTHROPODS! : }

      I looked up the links from Poodle’s Nation regarding the asylum… so sad and yet interesting historical info as well.

      Continue safe and fun travels, Vik.



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