Oct 17 and 18 Another 2 days in Canton

It was such nice weather and Newton Hills was such a great spot, I decided to stay another night.

It was another day of chores and hiking.

Checked out the local thrift store and picked up an old copy of Anne Frank.  I can’t believe that I’ve never read this book.  For 25 cents I decided it was about time.41728

Car gets Washed!


More Hiking

rIMG_2240 IMG_2143 IMG_2123

and back to camp.

To night I’d hoped to have a fire but alas, as evening set in the rain began.  I just couldn’t keep a fire going.

IMG_2377 IMG_2367

The tent will never smell the same!


Despite the rain we settled in for a cozy night.  Poodles were crashed and I started reading my book.


how many poodles can you get into one crate?


Ah! that’s better.

And we wake up to another blue sky


IMG_2406and it’s time to hit the road again!!

4 thoughts on “Oct 17 and 18 Another 2 days in Canton

  1. PDLRNCH says:

    I like the pink chair, too, but isn’t it a giveaway that there’s a woman inside? I guess someone would be crazy to try anything with all those dogs, but isn’t that their problem? Craziness? We all just want you to have fun and to be safe!


    • Tam says:

      Next time you’re at a thrift store, Vikki, at least maybe grab a gondola-sized pair (ie. size 17?) of old men’s boots and set them next to the chair or outside your tent door!?


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