Oct 19 Overnight in Omaha

We head South

It seems that each time I cross from one state to the other I can see one or two scenic changes.  Todays drive was more drastic than others as I moved from rural to urban.

Computer needs fix’n

We end up driving to Omaha to fix the computer.  I had to find an Apple Store and discovered that the closest two stores were in either Omaha, Nebraska or Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.  As much as I wanted to go to Minnesota, I just couldn’t bear to bring myself and the Poodles there.  We arrived in Omaha after dark and, being in a large city, we sought out a Hotel.  The two hotels who allow dogs are La Quinta and Best Western.  I prefer La Quinta because they are very nicely maintained rooms and they don’t charge for the dogs.  I’ve had occasion in the past where I’ve paid more for dog fees than I have for the room itself.  I found a Best Western and they waved the dog fees… How nice!


I always cover the bed with my own sheets to protect the bed from the Poodles

Omaha seems to be  a very clean well laid out city.  We finally found the Apple Store and were told that the computer had to be left for the day.  What was I going to do for the next 10 hours?


So we spent the day getting our hair done.  I took the Poodles to a self wash dog parlor.  Everyone got bathed,  faces shaved, topknots shaped and nails ground.  IMG_2490 IMG_2497



I got my hair cut!

Then I found a field next to the Mall where the dogs could run

IMG_2516 IMG_2520

and finally picked up the computer…


We’re all spic and span…. I guess it’s time to go camping again!


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