Oct 20 and 21 **** The 3 I’s

Iowa  Illinois and Indiana




Although I didn’t pick up the computer until around 6pm, I didn’t want to spend another night in the city so we hit the road.  I decided not to take I80.  I want to take a smaller road so I can take more breaks for the Poodles and picture taking so I skirt around the city and take Route 34.  Since it is now getting dark earlier, between heading east and winter approaching, we’re not going far.

I found a state park where we can car camp.  It’s an easy set up for the night and will provide a quick departure in the morning.  I had hoped for a short walk on the nearby trail but, alas,  there are more burrs and sticky grasses here than in Newton State Park.  YICK.   Nothing like freshly bathed dogs getting covered in the stuff.


I ended up having to throw these away.

Needless to say we didn’t go very far.


The Nations Breadbasket


It becomes clear why the Midwest is considered the “Breadbasket.”  I’ve traveled across the country 4 times and never got the same feeling.  In the summer the roads are lined with miles and miles of crop but until the same fields are being worked, they left no lasting memory.



To see the gargantuan machines churning over the corn IMG_2890

and flax, I didn’t appreciate the massive amount of work that goes into producing a loaf of Wonderbread (and that’s not the amount of mechanics needed to remove all those useless nutrients!)



Watching the truckloads of corn at an in town grain elevator





The work went on thorough late evening as we drove past them in the dark.



As we approached Fort Wayne, Indiana, a dash-board light went on.  Hummm…. I’ve filled the tires twice now but haven’t had any other issues.  There was a “maintenance” light but also and Exclamation point.I didn’t like the looks of it so decided to make an appointment at the local Toyota dealership.IMG_2926


After the car is fixed we head back to the hotel for some work on the blog and a good nights sleep

IMG_2886 Nickel shows her delight at being on a BED.



Good night from Indiana

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