Oct 22, 23 and 24 Ohio to New York

We got up and hit the road






Crazy Lazy Cartwheels


IMG_2913 IMG_2912Time to stretch our legs!  We’re still traveling on back roads so it isn’t hard to find this type of spot.   Large mowed fields with not a house in sight.  Poodles found a cotton tail in a brush pile but this bunny was too keen for them to catch.


Queen of the hill…. Mz TinTin


As we moved toward Ohio the farm land started to get more condensed and you could see more evidence of development.


Typical town





Pennsylvania has nice rest stops!

From Ohio I head into Pennsylvania in order to reach my next destination, My friends Mich and Kak’s farm in Middleton, NY.   Just as I enter PA,  I get a call from Mich and we change our plans.  They are going to Ontario to a Herding Trial this weekend and we decide that I’ll join them.  Instead of driving to their home, I’ll drive straight up to Syracuse where I’ll meet them Friday morning.


New York



So up to the coast of Lake Erie we go.IMG_2929


IMG_2957 IMG_2963

Weather is getting cold and wet.  Lots of wet snow.IMG_2977Loved the clouds!


Typical NY architecture



It’s going to be another splurge at the Syracuse La Quinta.  I love this place.  So clean and neat, but most of all the people love dogs.  Here is a note the house cleaner left for me:


3 thoughts on “Oct 22, 23 and 24 Ohio to New York

  1. Tam says:

    Hey, Vikki…. you went through Ohio… I love the countryside through there!! Have fun, enjoy your friends and be in touch; can’t wait to see you!! 🙂


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