Oct 25 26 O’Canada

 “Two days of Sheep Dog Trials”


“Surrounded by Border Collies!”


IMG_2001To Canada we go!IMG_2002


 think you all know how strongly I feel about minimal vaccinations.  I’ve done titers only on all my poodles for Rabies ever since Corsa was 5 years old.  I do the initial vaccinations, of course, but I always follow-up with titers.  I’ve had to do repeats on parvo twice in the 10 years that I’ve done this.   However, with my extensive travels with the Poodles I’ve decided to revaccinate them all for Rabies.  The decision was made yesterday while talking to my friend Mich about getting paperwork for the Canadian border crossing.  She told me that her friends farm had a case of Rabies several years ago and they had to put down several of their sheep as a result.  I’m not worried that the poodles will become infected because I know that their titers are high…. however…  I realized that there could be serious complications should the dogs are bitten by another dog or animal.  Since titers aren’t accepted by authorities, the Poodles could be put into quarantine.. or worse.

Mich and Kathy live in Middleton, New York.  This is on the Connecticut border south of Albany.  I was driving up from Fort Wayne so our plan was to meet in Syracuse and travel up to Ontario as a group. Since Mich is a Vet, she vaccinated all the Poodles at the rest stop where we met up.  Of course neither of the border guards (coming or going) asked for proof, but I definitely felt better having them all legally covered.

Once on Amanda’s farm we headed to the Sheep Dog Trial that was already in progress.  Amanda is Mich’s and Kathy’s friend who owns a sheep farm of around 200 acres.  She has been working Border Collies for decades and happens to be a top handler.



Mich rounding up the sheep at the end of the day.


After the trial the OTHER dogs get to play… what are all those black and white dogs doing here??


Mich and Kathy


The white panels are one of the ‘gates’ that the dogs moved the sheep through


K9 Mayhem!



After a long drive and cold day watching the trial, we all headed to Amanda’s house where we stayed for the weekend.  At evening’s end, I found myself in a warm cozy room drinking red wine and eating lasagna with the trial judge and a half-dozen of the handlers.   It was quite interesting to be surrounded by people talking “Border Collie’ and ‘Sheep.



It was getting late so we headed to the second, main,  house on the property for the night.  The farm is an amazing complex.  It’s been the center for many generations and you can feel the history the moment you step into one of the homes.


What a treat with Mich driving!

4 thoughts on “Oct 25 26 O’Canada

    • Not there but I got a chance to put Nickel on Mich’s sheep yesterday. It’s been a good 4 years since we did any herding so her enthusiasm got in the way :^) I hope to do some more while I’m here.


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