Oct 27 Getting to know the farm, Butternut


Big Mama TinTin is getting more exercise than she’s had in years.


Day Two in Ontario


While the trial was in progress I took the Poodles out on one of the many trails through the woods around the farm.  I was supposed to help scribe for the Judge but relieved of my duties by Kathy.  We enjoyed the crisp morning air and beautiful scenery.  The trail took us out to several small fields and we were given the opportunity to view the farm houses and barns from afar.   It is a spectacular place.



IMG_2044 IMG_2072


After our romp in the woods we headed to the trial field.  I tried to get pictures of people herding but the distance that the border collies run is so far they simply looked like specs on the horizon.  They do a 400 yard out run… which means that the mob of sheep is held at one end of the field and the handler and dog are on the other.  The handler sends the dog out to pick up the sheep 400 yards away and he/she drives the sheep to the handler post, through several gates and into a pen.  It takes about 7-9 minutes.

After the trial is over, around 3pm (it starts at 6am) the sheep are gathered up again and brought to the lower field where they are watched over by Guardian Dogs… two Great Pyrenees.  You can see one of the in the pic below….


The tent in the background is where the trial began. At this point the sheep are all put away and allllll the border collies (and sundry others) get to play.

Remember the picture with the horses in the background?  Well, I decided to let the Poodles meet them. Amanda told me that the horses (Welsh Cobs), are exceptionally good with dogs so I wasn’t worried about the Poodles getting kicked.  It was great to see how they each took a turn at it.



After they got their jollies out, they settled down to say hello properly.



Finally time to head back to the States.  Mich and Kathy recently bought an 80 acre farm and I finally get to see it!  I can’t wait.


Lucky me! Mich drove home!

2 thoughts on “Oct 27 Getting to know the farm, Butternut

  1. what a beautiful place…and love seeing the poodles having a grand adventure…..love reading your blog..so many beautiful pictures and your descriptive writing…..susan,tucker and tessa


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