Oct 28 29 The Farm in NY, Caora

How Times Fly

ς∂©Γ∂ ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂ 


Caora means ‘sheep’ in Gaelic.

We’re now back in New York on Mich and Kathy’s farm, named Caora.   It’s a breath-taking property of hills, ponds, fields and woods.  They’ve only recently moved here but already you can see there’s been a great deal of work putting up new fences and  it is fun to hear all the plans to improve other aspects of the property…. not that it needs any changed!  The poodles think this is the place to live, a huge fenced yard and acres to explore.  I got up with Mich (she was heading to work) and took a walk out to see the sheep and meet their Guard Dogs, Lucy and Gracie.

 ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂ ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂ 


I guess there is a black sheep in this family

Meeting Gracie and Lucy


You can see Lucy and Gracie on the left

Mighty Mica was disillusioned when he met the horses and learned that there are animals who are larger than him.  When Mich let Lucy and Gracie out and they ran toward Mica he couldn’t believe his eyes.  All the poodle took tail and ran from them.  Nickel even gave out a squeal.  The Guard Dogs are as sweet as can be so everyone eventually relaxed.  They are sisters and 5 years old, but they romp and play like puppies.

ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂ ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂ 

Walking to one of the fields to meet the gang

Gracie and Lucy say, “HI”

ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂ ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂  ς∂©Γ∂ 

Repacking the car IMG_2137.  The poodles crashed on the sleeping bag while I got all the laundry out of the car… meaning….. all the blankets!  It was a long over due chore.  You can see the tent in the background of this picture.  It was still wet from my last night camping.  Luckily it’s been cold enough to prevent any mildew from forming.

I then tackled the roof top bag.  Cleaned it all out and sorted the things that haven’t been used on the trip for the garbage.  I decided to move the bag further back on the roof to create more space (the roof racks were preventing it from fully expanding).  After everything was finally done I started zipping up the bag… forgetting how close it was to the end of the car and I had a little accident.  I stepped onto the raised back door and it collapsed under me.  I hit the concrete side first and then hit the side of my head knocking the wind out of me.  I cracked at least one rib under my scapula, but at least my ribs aren’t tender to the touch, and all my muscles on the right side of my body feel like they’ve been put through a pretzel machine.  I had blurred vision in my left eye for about a minute but that’s fine now too.  What’s amazing is that there isn’t a bruise on me!

At least now I have an excuse to hang out on the farm and not do any chores!  Mich got home and checked me over.  She gave me some muscle relaxers to help me through the night, we had dinner and went to bed.  It was a great day.. until the very end.   But how nice to have a horse vet in the family to take care of the crippled!


Moss and Nickel hang out together just before bed.

4 thoughts on “Oct 28 29 The Farm in NY, Caora

  1. Tam says:

    Caora is an interesting name, how did Mitch and Kathy decide on the name?

    Oh! Never mind… just looked it up http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/caora ; how BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it!!

    Sounds like you are enjoying your stay (except the falling part!); hopefully you are faring better physically by now!!?? At any rate, sounds like you are in great hands.



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