Oct 30 & 31 Vet Calls

Ò Happy Halloween Ó



Today I went with Mich on her Calls


It’s a whole other world going to the million dollar horse farms.

This one is a dressage stable.  The dressage arena had music piped in and the barn floor was made of rubber.  We were there for regular vaccines but, as usual, Mich took a good deal of time chatting with the stable hand and horse owners.   Keeping the line of communication open is a part of the job.


IMG_2188 IMG_2198


I think there were about 40 horses boarded here.

IMG_2195 IMG_2207

It was a gorgeous sunny day and I spent most of the time saying hello to the horses and just relaxing in the sun.



One thought on “Oct 30 & 31 Vet Calls

  1. Tam says:

    Oh.. beautiful, Vikki! ❤

    I LOVE the smell of horse barns and being around/caring for horses (u didn't know that about me, did you???). I'm not certain about the multi-million dollar barns with piped in music and rubberized flooring, however… btw, do they have flush stalls?

    Anyhoo… sounds nice. Glad you got to be around horses… especially on a crisp fall day the sun, the hay, horses, barns, friends…. YES! 😉

    Excited and looking forward to be seeing you SOON!! :))))))))


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