Nov 1, 2 & 3 Around town

Me and my Cracked Rib


The arm sling helps to keep my arm from jerking on my rib.

Some Local Architecture

Yeah.   Still hanging around Millerton.  Millerton is on the border of Connecticut so some of my trips to the store have brought me into some small Connecticut towns.  They are all small and quaint but you can tell big money is here.  IMG_2225 I really like being able to buy local groceries.  Each store has a section of local produce from honey to cheeses.


Sharon town hall




typical NY/Connecticut stone walls. Hopefully I can get some pictures of the stone walls in NH and Maine…. they are different.

Towns here aren’t called towns.  They’re called Hamlets or Townships or Villages.


Typical 1780’s Colonial


Sharon Library

I love all the stone work around here.


Back on the farm, Mich and I (and all the dogs) head out to move the sheep fence.  She has mobile wire electric fencing so the grazing area can be chance from day to day.




Mich herding with Finn


I’ve been able to do a few lessons with Nickel on the sheep.  She’s been a wild child acting like she’s never done it before.  These sheep aren’t as heavy as the ones she’s worked with before (heavy/light refers to how easy it is for the dog to work with them and how accustomed they are to dogs).  Hopefully we’ll have enough time to get her to a place where I can actually learn some tricks-of-the-trade from Mich.



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