Nov 6 Heading to Massachusettss

From NY to CT to MA



We stopped to check out this covered bridge in Connecticut.  Wonderful to see the all wood construction.


I miss the wooden nails and dovetailing seen on New England furniture and buildings.  This bridge has been restored and had a few iron pegs but most of it was original.




Scary reminders of how we’ve polluted our world




This was an exit just 20 yards away that entered onto a street full of houses, eventually leading to the main street of the town.

Finally in Chelmsford, MA and I’ve forgotten the crazy way the highway and streets connect.  Everything around here seems to be interstate, highway, turnpike or major thoroughfare.  The highways exit onto roads that suddenly STOP at a T and turn into side streets.


We meandered our way to my sister’s house.  It was about 4pm and getting dark.  It’s amazing how dark these streets are…. in the city of Chelmsford (and other New England states) most residential streets aren’t lighted.

My sister lives on a dead end street that abuts a conservation area.  The poodles were very excited to get out of the car and RUN.  TinTin and Eureka quickly found a cotton tail in a wood pile and  started to chase.  For the first time in my life I saw Eureka running full tilt down the street after that bunny.  She paid no attention to my calling, whistling and shouting.  I think the freedom of this trip has created a monster! Luckily (VERY LUCKILY) this is a very very quiet street.  Lesson learned!

It was great to catch up with my sister over dinner but, alas, the time went too quickly.  I was tired from the drive and I still had an hour of travel before I got to my hotel.  I am staying, once again, at a La Quinta.  It’s in Manchester, NH which is a midpoint between the three people I’m visiting (ME, NH and MA).  I’m excited to see my niece, Ashley tomorrow.

Driving into Manchester, NH I’m brought back to my high school days when my best friend Jeanne and I would ‘cruse’ the main street.  We drank Cold Duck and ate Little Debbies.  OY!!!!  As I approached the city,  the lights of Manchester looked nothing like my childhood days.  Bright signs of Biotech and various computer industry signs stood out everywhere.  It would be interesting to see the city in the day light.



Poodles hanging out at my sister, Tammi’s cozy New England style house.

2 thoughts on “Nov 6 Heading to Massachusettss

  1. Tam says:

    OMG, Vikki… your poodles in the pic make our house look so TINY, lol.

    Speaking of… the poodles were absolute DOLLS during their visit here!!! (Vikki behaved pretty well also, btw). Other than the small escapade of Ms. Eureka and the cottontail, you wouldn’t have even known 4 huge dogs were visiting our house!! Oh… speaking of, I would like to hire Eureka to chase ALL the critters out of my GARDEN, but I know you wouldn’t allow that, eh? : }

    Oh, and Vik… I didn’t know you and Jeanne used to ‘cruise’ **Elm Street!!?? I wonder how many times we (and friends) passed each other any given Friday night!!?? Well, looks like we’ve changed a bit since those days…. our version of ‘the thrill of the chase’ is a bit different now, eh? **For those not familiar with “Elm Street in Manchester, NH”, haha: it is the LONGEST dead end main street in the US, WOW!

    Love your blog pictures… nice covered bridge you discovered, too.

    Well, safe travels, sis… stay in touch. xoxo


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