Nov 7 & 8- New England

New Hampshire and Maine


Well,  the Mill town, Manchester hasn’t really changed in the past 30 years!  The mills are still standing and the predominant structures of the city.  New Hampshire suffered badly in the 1980s recession and never really bounced back.

The large smoke stacks dominate the sky line



The Merrimack river flows through Manchester and used to fuel the mill industries that dominated the state.  In my youth most of the mills were still being used for textiles: weaving, sewing and design.

Historical Images of Manchester

Amoskeag [Textile] Manufacturing Company founded Manchester

220px-Elm_Street,_Manchester,_NH 375px-Amoskeag_Manufacturing_Co.,_Panorama_Upriver


Mills now functioning as commercial businesses and the University of NH annex


As it happens, a climbing gym occupies one of the buildings.  My niece Ashley asked me if I’d take her and of course I couldn’t say ‘no!’  

Wonderful brick architecture IMG_2464IMG_2461


Looking down on one of the multi-story climbing areas

Getting ready!

IMG_2447 IMG_2446Ashley turns out to be a natural.

IMG_2459  IMG_2457 IMG_2450

It was a great day. We headed back to the hotel feeling that great physical-tired that only a workout
can give you.  Of course it only took one try on the wall to do that for me…LOL…. I couldn't do much with my cracked rib… that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.  I think Ashley could have gone all day.

From the gym we headed to the hotel.  Tomorrow we will be going to Maine for the day.  Poor Poodles spent the day in the car but had a special treat of chews when we settled in for the night.



Fall colors still hanging in there



3 thoughts on “Nov 7 & 8- New England

  1. yes Manchester has really changed…..I was just there this last june for a visit and flew into Manchester,,,miss the fall colors…and Maine should be beautiful… watching your blog Vikki…and the poodles look like they are having a great time…take care and safe travels…susan and the poo’s


  2. mtwaggin says:

    It continues to look like you are having a stellar time and I’m so glad you are seeing so many and enjoying the memories and experiences! Hugs to the spoos!


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