Winding Westward

Hard to believe that I’m heading back to Washington


Evening approaching as I enter Pennsylvania


Nancy and Dick Kauffman, Phil’s parents

My last visit was in Pennsylvania to reconnect with the Kauffman Family.  Despite the tremendous time gap, they welcomed me with open arms and huge hearts.


Poodle’s making themselves at home in the Kauffman’s house. The bed was Dick’s when he was a boy. Such sweet history here!

 I spent 2 days catching up with all the family news, both joyful and tragic,  and sharing my recent events.  I’m still processing the thoughts and emotions that have surfaced over the short visit and I leave the Philadelphia area knowing that I’ll always have family there.


And a doggie family too.
Wendy on far left with Lexi sitting with my gang

Leaving Philadelphia Early Monday Morning


Time to head back to Seattle. Trees are saying that winter is on the way

I’ll be leaving Seattle the second week of December to return to Ontario.  I’ll be care-taking Butternut Farm for a little over 2 weeks.  I’m looking forward to waking up to farm chores and stoking the wood stove.  After this I’ll be planning a much longer road trip.  I’m trying to decide exactly what I’ll be doing but you can count on the fact that it will be with a bunch of poodles and a van…or some sort.  I’ll be heading to either:  Australia, South America or another continent…. only time will tell!

Stay tuned!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Winding Westward

  1. lisa & boys says:

    nice to talk with you !! i am sure many hearts (both on earth and in heaven) were happy you visited with your inlaws. safe travels back to washington state and see you soon.


  2. poodlechick says:

    Wow, what a momentous occasion. This is the kind of trip and visits people take just before they go on the Space Shuttle or something. Australia, space, same-same.


  3. Roger F Pease says:

    SO happy to see you connecting with what is important to your head and heart.
    It was the best gift visiting with you even if the time was far to short. <3!


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