Here we go again

We’ve changing our name!


“4 poodles and a Van”


PanAmerican Poodles


The time has finally come.  Mica’s second family, the Frangoolas’s, decided that they couldn’t let him go on such an extended holiday. South America was just too far away from Bellevue, Washington.



We’ve been ‘co-owning’ him for several years now and I knew it this day was coming. He’d been with me for the initial trip to the east coast but had stayed with with the Frangoolas family for the past 5 months during my stay in New York.   They’d let me know during this time that they didn’t want him leaving again. I’d been preparing for this day but of course trying to prepare yourself intellectually and facing the emotional reality are two different things.   Upon my arrival in Seattle, I was torn between wanting to see Mica and knowing that I’d be saying ‘good-bye’ for the last time.  They invited me to dinner several times but I’d made up excuses not to go. Knowing that I was going to see him, but not taking him with me was something that I didn’t want to face.   The day finally arrived when I had to accept their invitation so TinTin, Nickel, Eureka and I went to their house for dinner. Mica was exstactic to see us. He whined and jumped and jumped and jumped.   It was great to see the big lug. I was sitting outside with Anne when she told me that their younger son, Keeler, was afraid that I was taking Mica.   Shortly after that Keeler stode onto the porch with his arms firmly folded across his chest and his head down and he refused to look at me. I said, “Keeler, I’m not taking Mica with me…. He’s staying here forever.”   Keeler looked at me, raised his hand in a fist and brought it down, “YES!”   Later that evening, as I watched Mica curl up next to Bob, head in lap, I knew that he was Home.   The joy of seeing him with this family pushed out the empty feelings of leaving him. It was clear that, although Mica loved me and the girls and the adventure of travel, he loves his kids and family more.


From here on out just Me and The Girls.


6 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. says:

    Ah Vikki you made me cry. What a brave Mom story. (Mica looks so much like Blue!) I am so glad you could see that Mica has adjusted well and is loved in his new home. Please keep us posted on your story as it unfolds. Andy and I and Blue and Berkeley send poodle kisses and human hugs prayers. Janet


  2. Hey Lady, Can’t wait to read of your new adventures! If you have a chance, drop me an email (same old address) or give me a ring (same old number). Sending much love to you and the girls,


  3. joanne wike says:

    A wonderful story and a perfect ending with a big poodle head in a comfy lap. Your description of Keeler was perfect. I have seen that stance here during Palooza. Let the Travels begin so my friends here in Sequim and I can live vicariously through your adventures.

    Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 19:32:26 +0000 To:


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