A little more about Foxy

I was supposed to leave right away for Canada, but I was lured into the comforts of a visit with my friends Lisa and Dean. They live in Bellingham, Wa, just about an hour from the US/Canadian border. So close and yet….

It just so happens that I stayed with them the day I picked up the Camper so it feels like the perfect place to start the trip. With this in mind, I thought I’d show you a little more of Foxy before the rest of the story begins.


Lisa, with all her usual enthusiasm, helped me celebrate owning a ‘new home.


ƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸ


The camper is call and Arctic Fox. It is 9 feet long and fits in the bed of a pickup truck. There is what’s called a ‘slide out’ which makes the dinette and refrigerator section move outward about two feet. It’s not a huge change in actual inside space but gives it a significantly improved feeling of Room.


Here’s a schematic of the interior.



ƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸ

I’ll let the girls show you around ….after I made a few modifications….

The bed area is over the cab of the truck .  I took out the mattress and switched the curtain (seen on the right) to the left side so the poodles can jump up more easily.





No more mattress. I am using my camping pad… much better on the back. I removed the little ‘head board’ and the tiny shelf, and replaced the lighting with LED lights. It’s a much better space for sitting and reading now.









ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ƒº


The only major change was removing the dinette table and making this area into a permanent dog-bed.


The way real people live


I took out the table and made the area one flat surface with an open crate at one end. I can sit on one side and still fit two poodles next to me.















 ƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸ
















 ƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸƒº ΧŸ

This is looking into the cab of the truck from inside the camper.  It’s TinTin’s favorite spot. During the night she sleeps in the cab.  The window between the cab and camper is too small for me to squeeze through. Trust me I tried!   It is, however, a great asset since it allows more air circulation for the dogs if they’re left in the truck while I run into a store and also gives them some ‘alone time’ when we’re hanging out in the camper.


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