Day 1 Where You Going?

Heading into Canada

first stop British Columbia



I left at 10am 7th with a few chores to do before crossing the border: put air in tires, check oil and get traveler’s checks. I was going to be in some pretty remote areas and I wanted to make sure I had enough money but I didn’t want a lot of cash laying around. Would you believe that they don’t make traveler’s checks any more? The young teller looked at me quizzically when I asked about them. ?   Boy do I feel old.


I got several thousand dollars in Canadian and one thousand in US currency. Unfortunately, all my credit cards charge a nominal 3% for every international dollar spent (I discovered this after my recent trip into Montreal and Quebec with my niece, Ashley). Anyway, I figured this amount would cover gas for most of my trip. Little did I know that it would average about $6.00/gallon. Inuvik’s gas was over $7.50. In any case, I stocked up on cash and hid piles of it in strategic places throughout the camper and truck. I folded the bills in napkins and labeled the plastic sandwich bags with things like, “ soapy wipes,” and “Mosquito Repellent wipes.”

oil cloth I then made a list that tells me how much and where I put the bags… because you know I’ll never remember.  It’s ‘in code’ so no one will figure it out (including me in another month) list

Do you think I’d fool anyone?



Last stop to run the dogs in the good Ole USA

IMG_1552 IMG_1558 IMG_1559


The Border crossing guard wanted to know where I was going. I told her that I was hoping to make it to Alaska.  I thought Alaska was the best answer since it would solicit less of an explanation  than ‘somewhere as far as I can go in the North West Territories’.  Apparently a woman traveling a lone with three big poodles, only hoping to arrive somewhere was suspicious. “Why do you “Hope”  you make it to Alaska?  Are you expect something to happen?” she asked.   Obviously she didn’t  understand that I’m a Harrison, a family wrought with lack of confidence and fears of failure).



Very Exciting!   My first night on the road found us in a nice Campground Lytton Skihist Provincial Park

 $20.00 for rustic campsite (meaning outhouse available and pumped water).


Nice private spot


My trip consists of basically a very loose agenda and destination…. I am going as far as I can North-ward and will return sometime in the next two months, should I choose to.   Given that,  a set goal for the night would have been asking a bit much so I drove North on the highway 1 until the sun was starting to set and I saw a Provincial Park where we could stop for the night.



Can you find Eureka?



The highlight of the evening was seeing the biggest horse fly I’ve ever seen. It was almost as big around as my pinky finger.   It looked prehistoric.


BTW.  Get used to pictures of my un-manicured fingers.  This isn’t the first and my nails only get worse from here on out…

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