Day 5 Boya Lake (part 2)

First bliss-full blue sky that we’ve had in several days

we’re celebrating by staying put

People are clearing out of the campground so I’ve decided to move the camp to the shore and


now the poodles can take a dip in the lake.



There’s no Ranger to be found but I found the Canoes so I’m going…. canoeing.   There was a sign at the ‘honor system’ pay station saying the canoes were 15.00 for 2 hours.   I think I was supposed to find a ranger to sign some waver and get permission but since there wasn’t anyone around…. I just took one.  Of course I paid (remember the Harrison guilt thing?) but I still felt funny getting in the canoe and taking off.  It wasn’t just that I hadn’t “asked,” but the 3 poodles had never been in a boat… of any kind.   Were they going to tip me?!  What if we saw a creature in the water?

Many years ago, I used to take Corsa and Ferrous (my first 2 poos) for kayak trips in Lake Washington.  I had a blow-up raft that I pulled behind me, where they sat.   They learned to lay down or sit… but never stand.  It was a little tricky since the lake is riddled with water fowl.  Not only were there many ducks, they were ducks who loved to swim up to watercraft because they knew that they’d be fed.   Corsa and Ferrous learned that they had to crawl to the edge of the boat if they wanted to sniff a duck.  We never tipped, but they were very good.   This crowd of three canoe novice poodles were a risk, but what the heck.  Worst case scenario we’d all be swimming for the shore.

I don’t know what it is, but these guys just listen.  They were a little tipsy getting into the boat (I wasn’t even sure we’d get off the ground), but once I got paddling they pretty much stayed put.  Eureka, being Eureka, was very happy laying down and resting her head on Nickel’s knee.  IMG_2241

TinTin was all about looking at anything that moved, be it a bug in the water or the splash of a fish.  She was the one who put us at the biggest risk.  Whether it was the leeward side or starboard, she had to go see what was happening.  Maybe she thought the splishes and ripples were bits and pieces of food being tossed into the water.  Nickel was her stoic self and bravely sat as sentry ….. sentry facing me not the bow of the boat.



TinTin started out next to Nickel


We explored a great portion of the lake and called it quits just as the wind was picking up.  Luckily the weight of the three dogs in the bow helped to keep the canoe low in the water and I was able to paddle against the breeze that was trying to push me out into the middle of the lake.  I’ve experience the effect of strong winds on an aluminum canoe one too many times and knew that I didn’t want to be fighting mother nature on my way to shore.

Of course we were a bit of a spectacle to people on shore…. and unfortunately the number of people gathering int he camp sites along the water was growing.   Had I known before I’d left I’d probably have moved camp further up the camp and away from the water.

Back at the camper I see that we’re now surrounded by big RVs and soon their generators start.  Not long after that come the radios and very loud talking.  I’m growing more and more irritated.  If I’m in an ‘rv park,’ I expect this kind of thing but out here in such a beautiful spot it  is just Wrong!  I try to block out the noise by going into the camper and closing all my windows.  This irritates me… Why am I INSIDE?  I want to yell, “Why is EVERYONE so FUcking LOUD?!!!!”  Humm,  I think I need to do something before i have Campground Rage.    The simplest thing is for me to move.   SO, we pack up and head back to my original spot from last night.   Not a bad move.  I was able to sit back, relax, enjoy my peace and quiet and pretend that I was alone in the woods again.



The end of the day chores….


Nickel goes for water.

3 thoughts on “Day 5 Boya Lake (part 2)

  1. Roger F Pease says:

    Vikki thanks for the wonderful update. I have had you and the poodles on my mind. I love your stories(harrison gift of writing) and photos. I love my niece poodles. Nickel is the most gorgeous poodle ever. My heart stops with every photo.
    Your adventures with canine and solitude remind me of my years in my cabin.


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