Day 6 In the Yukon


Into the Yukon



Back to some paved road…. I mean HighWay…. after considerable mileage on dirt road…. I mean HighWay… yesterday.


A large portion of the trip was through burned out forest.  Apparently there’s a lot of acreage consumed by forest fires in this region.  IMG_2279  It was pretty impressive.


But we also found a lot of life….. in the form of….

Wild strawberries






that ended up looking like this  …..and


Plenty of Mushrooms…..

IMG_2330  IMG_2316 IMG_2310



Wolf Creek Provincial Park


We end up stopping at the camp ground just 5 miles east of Whitehorse.  I decided to go ahead and make camp and then go into town for some groceries… meaning  wine!  By the time I got back someone had taken my camping spot.  It took a lot of courage, but I confronted them.  Normally I’d be too timid to say anything but I think after yesterday’s noisy neighbors I was eager to stand up for myself.  I told the woman that I’d already paid for the site and, ‘see…. the receipt is right here hanging on the camp post.’   She told me that it was against park policies to ‘hold’ a site and that the ranger had come by and told her she could occupy the spot.  Considering I had just read the rules which say,” Sites may not be reserved for campers who have not yet arrived,”  I knew she wasn’t being honest (as they say in The Game Of Thrones…. “LIE.”).

But here’s a rule to take seriously!….




No, I’m not saying that Nickel beat the woman over the head with a stick


The poodles and I ended up having a nice long hike through the woods.  We didn’t encounter any bears so I considered the evening pretty successful.


TinTin telling me it’s time to go back to the camper….

And a long evening it was…


9:30 PM

4 thoughts on “Day 6 In the Yukon

  1. Luc Nicknair says:

    Wild strawberries!! You accomplished your mission for the Knights Who Say Neee!! Your trip sounds amazing ….as well as ur experiences w human nature… Especially w ur territorial dispute … Wild animals indeed right!? Looking forward to reading and seeing more Vikki!!


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