Day 7 Ants



Now you see it… Now you don’t


I left Wolf Creek Territorial Camp early knowing that I had a lot of miles to cover before stopping for the night but, instead, we malingered in Whitehorse.  It turned out to be a good decision since, 23 days later,  on my way south I’d spend three entire days in the town. *

I was hoping to use email/web but got too frustrated trying to find parking.  I ended up doing other errands though, such as….



Notice that my camper looks as big as an oil rig….LOL The driver was in there doing laundry too…. He had more teeth than fingers so wasn’t a husband prospect. I’ll keep looking.

Replace a lost Oil Cap


Little did I know but I’d be back at this Ford dealership 23 days later, to have my oil changed, and they’d find the old oil cap still in the engine compartment.

and groceries.

After the past two campground experiences I was eager to find a ‘bushwhack’ spot for the coming night.  Before it was time to think about that, however, there were many hours of road time still to come.


Ant Hill rest stop


So Beautiful!



so restful


wait… what’s that pile behind Nickel?

this is getting creepy…



so…… creepy crawly!




*  For those who don’t know… these posts are not ‘real time’ since my internet access throughout the trip has been extremely hard to come by.  I post the blog entries when I’m able… which can put it weeks behind.  Because of that, I’m posting in sequence but not on the actual day.  By the time you read this entry, for example, I’m probably 87 years old and the poodles have long expired.

6 thoughts on “Day 7 Ants

  1. poodlechick says:

    So in my attempts to figure out the difference between the timeline on the posts and current time here, on this dimension, I’ve looked at the map and…duhhhhh…what day are you actually on? Is the map current? So you are really somewhere along the lines of Day 23 on your way back south? It’s a unique feeling to read a blog that sounds like a current event but have the mental image of you and the girls quite possibly parked in someone’s driveway and not in Whitehorse. Maybe mine. I better go look! Oh, hi Vicki! 🙂


    • I know, I know. It’s frustrating for me too. I want to tell it ALL as it happens but internet access isn’t having it. As of today, Sept 8th, I’m in NWT on day 34.d


  2. It it inherently hard to blog when on the road but it doesn’t matter. Journal as you go and blog as you can. Everyone still reads it and enjoys it regardless!!!!! Luv to you and the girls!


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