Day 8 (part 1) A long Day On the Road

woke up to a crisp morning…. took a quick little walk along the river and then and headed out.




The terrain and scenery constantly changes and keeps things interesting.  It’s hard not to continue to stop at every chance.IMG_2399

Another rest stop where she took a short hike and found some moose bones.  I’m guessing they’re from a moose based on the size.


I’m pretty sure TinTin is still holding on to a piece of one of the moose bones….




Just be glad it’s not a mushroom picture…


Yet, another stop along the way.  There was a great little hike that  took us down to an impressive vista. IMG_2415

Where we’re going?




IMG_2422 IMG_2420

Finally arrived



IMG_2436 IMG_2431

and then back up the steps we go!

IMG_2445Well Nickel had her own agenda.


Yeah we made it!



Back to the car for more road fun… yes… this is the highway….


One of many porcupine butts we’ve seen on the trip.  Little did we know that in a few weeks the poos would have their first encounter with one….  I hope they learned their lesson!

Besides porcupine butts, we’ve seen a lot of motorcycle butts.  But… mostly they’re not moving because the roads are so bad.   But… here we’re all stopped while we wait for the escort car.  It seems that the road is in constant repair.



a good think i guess…




Believe it or not… we finally arrive at our campground destination!

but NO!  We’re not even close to being done for the day… remember?  the sun sets at around 10:30 now!


2 thoughts on “Day 8 (part 1) A long Day On the Road

  1. You are so lucky the girls stick around so very well. Makes traveling with them a dream doesn’t it?! Such amazing country to walk around in and I LIKE your advice about the socks and sandals. I’m going to have to remember that! You certainly are having great luck hiking around with the spoos and not having wildlife encounters!


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