Day 15 and 16 First Days in Inuvik



  • WhereisInuvik?
    • 68º 18’N, 133º 29’W
    • Located on the East Channel of the Mackenzie River about 45 miles from the Beauford Sea.
    • It’s 2° above the Arctic Circle (about 120 miles)
  •  What is the population?
    • Census in 2000 counted 3,451  and its about the same today
    • The highest population count was around 7000 during the 70’s oil rush
  • What kind of weatherdoesInuvik have?
    • Coldest  ≈ –70º F
    • Warmest  ≈ 89 º F
  • Does the sun REALLY never set?
    •  56 days of 24 hour light in June/July and part of August
    •  30 days of 24 hours dark mostly in  December



 A few sites (sights) around town:







How Inuvik deals with water and heat:  The Utilidor


There are two basic types of Utilidors:  Those that have water and sewage lines and the thigh temperature heating system.  and those that carry only water and sewage.  The Utilidors with the heating system use the heat lost to keep the water running.  In the other Utilidor, the hot water is heated and the cold water line runs beside the hot water line using the heat to keep it from freezing during the coldest temperatures (remember it can get to be -70 degrees?).   Every house is connected to this system.
IMG_3197 IMG_3198     IMG_3234


Building in Inuvik

Every building, road and structure has to be either on piles or on a 3 foot gravel pad.  The airport is on a 6 foot pad.  Many areas of the town are built on ‘Ice Lenses’.  This is permanently frozen pockets of pure blue ice.  Well, not so permanent since global warming and building can melt them.  The end result is the collapse of the ground above it.



I won’t go into all the details of my days… it was mostly chores of laundry, groceries and some exploring…. and you know where we’re staying….

Midnight sun



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