Day 30 The Northern Rockies

 East end of the Alaska Highway

alaska highway

I had no idea what to expect on this leg of our journey.  I didn’t have a detailed map of this portion of the  Alaska Highway or the Northwest Territories/British Columbia borders and I wasn’t sure how far I would want to travel.  Would I drive all the way to YellowKnife, NWT or turn around and head home? To my surprise and joy, the rugged northern most range of the Canadian Rockies soon loomed ahead of us.   This range is made of  towering rock and scree mountains surrounded by crystal clear rivers and lakes. With the promise of great scenery and opportunity to see new types of wildlife, was spurred on.

Our first stop was a beautiful pebble beach

IMG_3780-1 (dragged)


The air was humid and cool and the water was icy cold.

Nickel was getting cold, although she didn’t want to give up, and the other two were devouring chews that I’d given them.


The girls were drawn to a large rock pile next to the lake.  As I approached,  I realized it was the grave of somebody’s beloved dog. It was a beautiful place and I imagined that someone traveling with their ancient dog was forced to leave him/her in this peaceful resting place.



During our break we took a quick hike  The trail signage promised a vista of the surrounding mountains and the possibility of spying some of the resident Stone’s sheep.  This is a rather isolated population of mountain sheep that are a darker subspecies of Dall Sheep… the sheep I hoped to see on the Dempster Highway.  Both types are very shy and difficult to spot.

This photo wasn’t taken by me… it’s from newswatch.nathional


Photo by Paul Colangelo


IMG_3853  We didn’t manage to see any… LOL.

Due to our recent experience with the porcupine I decided to hobble the dogs during the hike.  I do this occasionally on hikes or in camp as it allows the dogs the freedom to  go where they want while preventing them from running (also know as chasing wildlife).   I didn’t do this in previous bear territory for the obvious reasons.


I use their leash and it has a slip knot so I can easily pull it loose.

The poodles didn’t like the restriction at first but were soon they trotting happily along.  It was a nice break for me since I didn’t have to keep a keen eye out for game.

Only thing we found was…..


IMG_3847-1 (dragged)

Scat of the day.

 You can see that it consists mostly of sheep hair… I guess it’s the closest I’ll come to spotting a sheep.


 There were plenty of signs for wildlife so I was still hoping to see some… particularly that elusive caribou.  So far on the trip the signs kept promising but never delivering.

IMG_3740-1 (dragged) IMG_3737-1 (dragged)

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