Bliss…. photo 101 assignment

It was impossible for me to choose one photo to represent Bliss so I chose two.  You might be surprised that both involve my dogs (tongue in cheek).

To me, Bliss can be manifest in two ways.

Joyful Ecstasy 


Serene Introspection

 Here is my photo of what Joyful Ecstasy….Leading to BLISS…. looks like.

Nickel expressing her Bliss in new spring grass


and here is my photo representation of Serene Introspection… leading to BLISS.


Nickel, TinTin and Eureka over looking thousands of miles of Tundra in The Yukon

If we pay attention, our dogs show us everyday what it means to be BLISSFUL.

5 thoughts on “Bliss…. photo 101 assignment

    • Ginny De Ford says:

      I love Nickel expressing her Bliss. Sooo care free. Just love it!

      I have been getting a forward of your Blog through my friend Joanne Wikes, and I have been loving every one of them..

      What a great adventure with your BEAUTIFUL Poodles!


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