Blog101 Lesson: Introduce 4 new Blogging Friends to your Blogging Friends.

This was a harder lesson than I expected.

This lesson was to show us Bloggers how important it is to be an active member of the blogging community not just by writing a blog but by participating in others’ blogs.  Leaving comments is a critical aspect of blogging; if the blogger doesn’t know they have an audience there’s less motivation to write.  When I first started blogging I did it so my friends and family could keep up with my whereabouts and log a journal.  The social aspect of it was off my radar. As I get involved, my direction and intent is changing and I now understand the importance of ‘liking’ and leaving comments.

So here are the 4 newly discovered blogs that I’d like to recommend


Facts and a sense of humor, what more can you want when reading about important topics



A travel blog.  I guess I’m partial to travel blogs and this is one of my favs




 A talented young man with a writing blog




I’m not a Foodie and I never thought a page would make my mouth water



4 thoughts on “Blog101 Lesson: Introduce 4 new Blogging Friends to your Blogging Friends.

    • Me too. I wonder if it is for a lot of bloggers… Blogging might attract more introverted people since it’s a way to reach out without ‘being out there.’ I’m finding that it’s a big learning curve for me but very rewarding.

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