Days 43 and 44 Hiking in the river

Glacial Milk continued…

Nickel with her Yukon Bear Bell


Click here to see a blustery video of this river

It was a pretty dreary day and I almost gave into driving straight through Jasper and Banff to head home.  It was a Saturday and the throngs of hikers and sightseers had arrived from Calgary and other nearby cities, and I didn’t want to share the path with anyone.  As I was driving down the Glacier Highway I spotted a beautiful river coming off the Athabasca Glacier.  There was access to it from one of the pullouts and it wound its way through a valley to the foot of a large rock faced mountain so we parked and worked our way down through the brush to the river.  I was thrilled to see that although it was a very swiftly flowing river,  it was shallow enough to wade across.

3poos rivermilk

We spent the day hiking down the river in sleet and rain.  It was great.


Click here to read some really interesting stuff about the Athabasca Glacier.

We found ourselves criss crossing the river as banks disappeared and rocky outcrops stopped our progress.

There was a lot for the poodles to sniff out and plenty for me to explore.

Nickel caught her day’s snack, a baby trout.  She gobbled it up but wasn’t sure about the after taste.IMG_4859








7 thoughts on “Days 43 and 44 Hiking in the river

  1. schuldtfamily says:

    finally catching up on your blog and what fun. and when dean says “are you looking at vikki’s pictures again”? i can tell him yes, but i am learning something also !!!


    • LOL…. Hiking in the rain can be pretty depressing but if just allow yourself to accept it as part of the experience it can turn out to be wonderful. Glad to hear you’ve experienced that 🙂


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