DAY 55-118 Missing In Action


Where’s Waldo…… Vikki?


December 01-04

You might wonder how we went from day 50 something to 100 and something.  Well, the poodles and I had a small detour between Canada and Mexico.  From Canada, I needed to stop in Seattle to take care of a few minor details (Like international health certificates for the poodles and repairs on Oso).  Needless to say, my original plans to be in Mexico for Thanksgiving were ridiculously unrealistic….

I’m glad to say were’ back on track and once again southward bound on the Pan-America Highway.  From Seattle we’re traveling down Interstate 5 making a few last stops in California to see my friend Luc in Los Angeles and my parents and sister in Escondido before crossing the US/Mexican border.

It took us three easy days to drive from Seattle to Los Angeles.  Albeit the torrential rain made driving wearisome, we still managed to drive 560 miles to Yreka, California the first day.  I was worried that the rain would turn to snow on the pass and didn’t want to wait for morning so I pressed on.  The poodles and I arrived at Luc’s place in the early afternoon.IMG_5738IMG_5747 Luc and I were very good friends from 6th grade through high school when, as most of us do,  we lost touch for a decade or two.  Through the miracle of the internet we were reunited about 10 years ago.   I wasn’t surprised to learn that Luc is a Cinematographer since my most vivid memories of him from elementary school are of him carrying a movie camera!


Several years ago he flew to Seattle to help me make an audition tape for the reality series, Survivor.  Although I didn’t even make the first cut, it was a fantastic weekend making the video and watching Luc doing what he does best.  Here’s one of my favorite shots.


Click Here to See Luc’s Website


We spent three days doing Hollywood tourist stuff…. my idea not his :0)  He was a wonderful host and tour guide.  We went to the usual areas like Hollywood Boulevard and Venice Beach which we were lucky enough to experience in rare form…. In the rain. Apparently it hasn’t rained a drop in 3 years.  It seemed that all of LA was thrilled to see the precipitation but no one was going to be caught outside in it so we had Venice Beach all to ourselves.IMG_5774We even dared to run in the sand with the Poodles, maneuvering around the Lifeguard Patrol.  I felt like a little girl getting away with stealing candy.

After a drenching scamper on the beach we sought refuge in one of the few open cafés.


Click Me

The poor poodles had to hang out side (under the awning and in clear sight) and Luc and I had a snack with coffee.  Eventually one of the owners came over to ask how everything was.  After a brief introduction, Luc told him about my trip and we discovered that the owner was from Argentina. IMG_5796 He sat down with us and we had a great time talking about his partner’s amazing adventures flying an antique prop plane around South America a few decades ago.  We were introduced to one of the staff who are from Oaxaca, Mexico and chatted with him for a bit too. IMG_5794 In the end, the owner suggested that I stop by on my return.  He proposed a celebratory meal and went on to imagine a Travel-Adventure lecture filmed by Luc.  What a Hoot.  IMG_5793

Who knows what the future might bring.

Next stop: Hollywood Boulevard (sans Poodles).

To be honest, I typically abhor acting (and especially sticking out) like a tourist but being in Luc’s presences seemed to indulge in the behavior.

IMG_7215After all, I was with a local!

I have to admit my favorite part was holding hands with my all time heart-crush, George Clooney.  Sigh.IMG_5846

We also drove by the home featured in the series, Six Feet Under… one of my favorite series.IMG_5770

Eventually the fantasy of Hollywood had to come to an end and I headed south toward Escondido for a visit with my parents and sister before launching into Mexico.


Venice Beach and soggy doggies

Who Knows I Might Even Make It There For Christmas!

10 thoughts on “DAY 55-118 Missing In Action

    • Thanks Susan 🙂 I didn’t realize I’d posted this so I hope there aren’t too many typos! I was exspecting one more edit before I hit Send.. oops. Great to hear from you!


  1. Jeanne says:

    You are amazing woman my dear friend! Thank you for the treasures you sent in the mail. We have them displayed in our dining room for all to smile (and laugh at). Loved the pics & am thrilled you hooked up with our friend Luc! Ahhh, fond memories. Looking forward to more updates & pics! February will be a good time for me to share an adventure with you — together again! Love you!


  2. Joanne says:

    Seriously Vikki, George Clooney? What a perfect and fun start to your next adventure, schmoozing on Venice Beach with countrymen of your journey. A good omen


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