Day 119- 129 Crossing The Mexican Border in 3 hours

Dec 5-14IMG_5878



If you’re really lucky, you’ll read more about this later….

I never thought I could spend 10 days with the Parents…. LOL.  But I did.  It’s been a scramble to get the last few details ironed out but it’s time to hit the road.  While here in Escondido I got all the last-minute paperwork copied (dog, truck and other information), filled the last of my prescriptions (6 month supply), re-ordered my Typhoid meds (I had Live vaccine and didn’t know to refrigerate it), organized credit cards (thought I’d lost my wallet and cancelled all my cards), shipped off long over due packages and notes to people, fitted Oso with a few more things (fixed license plates, added storage to top, mounted spare tire, replaced a few parts, started making inserts for cab windows) and finally WASHED Oso inside and out.

In between I did some girlie things with my Mom and Sister.  This might not sound like a big deal, but for those of you who know me well it might be a surprise.  We got manicures!

IMG_5854 copy

Mom, Me and Wendy


The poodles were spiffied up too.  They got a bath and grooming.  I shaved them down in anticipation of the warm weather ahead.  It also helps minimize the amount of sand brought indoors.  They got their first dose of flea, tick, mosquito and heartworm treatment too.  All 4 of us have been treated up the wazzoo.  I have had Yellowfever, Typhoid, Hepatitis (A & B) and full Rabies series.  The rabies will uy me 10 days after a bite.  Without the shots I would have to reach a hospital immediately and get the full Gamma Goblin regime.  This way I can skip the painful GG and have the 10 days before starting the regular shots.








6 thoughts on “Day 119- 129 Crossing The Mexican Border in 3 hours

  1. You seem to have so much fun and I must say I envy you. I was just telling a friend about you. She said she would not mind doing the same when her kid leaves home next year. I don’t know if I can go on a solo tour – alone in a car with no one to talk to. I can travel alone quite OK, but would have to use transport where there are other people even if I am not speaking to them per se.


    • LOL I have a sense that you’re a pretty adventurous person… I bet you’d do great. It’s not as lonely as you think since there are ‘strangers’ met every day who engage.


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