Day 130 Las Canadas, Ensenada

Dec 15


La Canadan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It turns out that the place, Las Cañadas, is a huge facility created for Mexican family touristy fun.  Since it’s off-season, the place was empty.  It’s set up with zip-lines, pool, all terrain vehicles, horses, out-door theatre and plenty of picnic spaces.  Once again, we had the place to ourselves to explore and roam.cabin



This is the seating area for the theater… stage below










It was an uneventful day of exploring Ensenada, changing money and searching for

Dec 16

My plan was to spend two nights (basically one full day) in Ensenada to organize a few things and acclimate myself to the new environs. It’s amazing how quickly you are thrown into a new culture. Crossing the border isn’t just a rhetorical comment about moving from one country to another, it’s a complete adjustment into what seems a different world. There have been very few English speakers, much to my surprise, even in this touristed town of Ensenada. Perhaps it’s because the tourist season is over and the bilingual Mexicans have moved to other tourist towns.   In any case, even getting gas today had it’s difficulties. As much as I think I’m world traveled and socially adjusted, I was surprised when the Money Exchange person didn’t speak my language. Hello! Why are they exchanging US dollars into Peso if not for the American Tourists?! Geesh. Why didn’t it occur to me that they’d be here to change Pesos into US dollars for the Mexicans?

Back at camp, we took a long walk up one of the dirt roads.  I thought it would lead us to one of the lookouts over the ocean but instead it lead us to a dump.  I was very happy to see that everything was sorted into piles for recycling.



Tinny maneuvering through the piles

I spent the day exchanging money, getting diesel and groceries. Oso is extremely happy now. I filled up with ‘dirty diesel’ which has much higher lubricating properties. Of course the flip side it that it’s very…. Well… dirty. The air here proves it and at 3pm when everyone is leaving work and on the road the fog is thick.

It was a good long first day.  Tomorrow we head south out-of-town.


TinTin doing what she does best… watching the world outside from the doorway of the camper. Always our sentry.

10 thoughts on “Day 130 Las Canadas, Ensenada

  1. Sounds like a perfect plan to take a day or two once through the border to just regroup. Give the girlies a hug from us and safe travels! I’m sure coming back THIS way won’t be as simple (never is).


  2. looks like the weather has been kind to you….rained like the dicken here in LA….did you get to go into the main town of Ensenada?..i haven’t been there in years….at the time i was there it was geared more to the tourists coming off the cruise ships that would pass thru….the resort you were at looks like great fun…who knew?! such a step up from when i was out that way many moons ago! more pix more pix!! :0)


  3. never been to Mexico (or South America!), so your blog is very exciting to me. Also the fact that you`re a female travelling alone, which is what I also do (but I don`t have any dogs, only a cat who doesn`t like to travel lol).

    Sounds like a relaxing day at Los Canadas, love the photos you posted 🙂

    Cheers for now!



  4. Wendy Wahman says:

    I love being the only campers around. Such a rich feeling, to have so much back yard. Good to see the girls having so much freedom again. Keep up the good work taking care of yourselves, Vikki.


  5. Julie says:

    I love reading your blogs so much, Vikki, but the snow blowing across the screen makes me nauseated and I can’t read it. Could you remove that?


    • Thanks for the input Julie, I haven’t had internet access for almost a week so just got this. I didn’t put it on… i think the web server did! I’ll see if I can take it off. Certainly don’t want my readers vomiting! LOL


  6. Today I bought the book WILD…a woman walking the acidic Crest Trail alone…..made me think of you and your trip…think yours will be much more exciting…HAPPY TRAILS….and the girls look happy…..!


  7. That looks like a very nice holiday place. You are very brave – I am not sure I would stay alone in a deserted place. Your courage is one of the reasons I like reading your blog. PS– I hope Tin Tin gets well and puts the fracas behind her


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