Day 131-132 Still in Ensenada…. Perra Problems

Dec 16-17


It’s all about TinTin


we were going to leave yesterday morning…

Today the gremlins decided to get the best of TinTin and as I released the poodles from the truck on a local beach she ran off toward two dogs.  She ran up to them and as she realized her mistake and turned away, one of them grabbed her.  It was over as fast as it began but TinTin paid a small price.  The other dog was clearly not a bad dog… it just didn’t like a strange dog running up to it and even showed restrain in its reaction but some damage was done.  My city/dog park dogs need to learn the way of the world and I doubt Tin will run up to stranger dogs in the future.

It was clear that  I had to find a vet and Tinny ended up with two sets of stitches on her



butt.IMG_5943 IMG_5946 IMG_5944 IMG_5945

I know, I know.  I should have been more aware, but honestly, my girls don’t normally run off like that, but now I know things can be unpredictable when dogs are in new environments.  I need to be on my toes.

While Tin got her stitches, I found an internet cafe to work on the blog.  All is well in the end (no pun intended).  Today TinTin is doing great.  Needless to say, we spent another night in Ensenada.  This time in a coastal campground situated on a road that leads to La Bufadora. I love the sound of this place but in fact it means Blow Hole.  LOL.  Apparently there’s a spot where waves crash through the rocks and shoot water out.  I had no interest in seeing it but I can’t stop saying, “La Bufadora,” it sounds so pretty.


It was great to walk on the beach but, alas it’s in the pouring rain.  The weather has been interesting with blue sky one minute and dark clouds and rain the next.  The poodles had a great time sniffing through the tidal debris and I had fun looking for shells.


In the end

We were rewarded in the end with a rainbow.



Time to head south… for real…  and I hope to get to San Quintín before dark.  Until then… Adiós!

10 thoughts on “Day 131-132 Still in Ensenada…. Perra Problems

  1. Robyn says:

    Gibe Tin Tin a big hug from me and hello from all the folks at Mercy Vet- Lacey had a booboo and we were there today. DR Brienen thought Lacey looked familiar and I said her Mom comes here and she said the Lady w/3 Poodles on the way to S. America!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cindy says:

    La Bufadora… ya… I love it… sounds like a perfect name for your next poodle! Ha ha ha… I’ll never tell anyone what it means! Seriously – give TinTin a big hug from me… brave girl….
    Loving these blog posts – – – you are such an inspiration !!!


  3. Calicia says:

    This is a situation you will encounter all throughout your travels south of the border. Please protect your dogs. Street dogs and loose family dogs don’t like interlopers. I lived in Mex. for 14 years and later traveled in Baja and the mainland in my Rv with my dog and have had to be very careful, always keeping my dog on leash–only off leash when I see that the coast is clear.


  4. Oh poor Tinny!! That must have been so scary for all of you!! I thought she had better sense than to “talk to strangers”. Poor baby. I’m glad she’s ok and don’t be hard on yourself. Even if you were watching like a hawk, she may have given you a poodley hand and ran off anyway. While smart, she still a dog and dogs love trouble. Clooney is quite proud of Grandma Tin btw.


  5. Mike and Sally says:

    As you will find out for sure if not already….let’s just say the cultures to our south all the way to the tip of Chile y Argentina do not have the same feelings for perros that we do. Particularly those of us who dwell on our spoos.


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