Day 136 Funny looking Plants in these here parts


Dec 21


The rocky outcrops and wonderful flora made it easy for me to stay an extra day at the Rancho Santa Inez.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe husband and wife who run the restaurant were amazing warm and thoughtful.  They even let the poodles into the restaurant during meals.  This is the first ‘dining out’ that I’ve done and I mostly ate there to support their business.  It was your usual beans and rice enchiladas.  In her leopard spotted pants and a bulky sweater, Señora GaIina was quick to laugh at Nickel’s antics of carrying around either my shoe or wallet and Eureka’s persistent rubbing to say hello.  They were mostly good but even when TinTin found her way into the kitchen and cleaned the floor, Señora GaIina still laughed and said, “No Problema!”

I camped next to and dined with a fellow traveler from Nevada City.  He is a writer and photographer named Dale Smith and you can check out his website:



He took a few picture of the poodles and our hostess which I hope to post when I get them.  I hope he sends me the one of our hosts in the dining room… hint hint 🙂

FLORA (and some Poodle Fauna)


Some of these catus stood 12 feet or more. They are magnificent.

Cardón cactus, Pachycereus pringlei (click to learn more




What you see when you look up a palm’s skirt


The most nasty evil thorns out there.  These babies stick like velcro with dagger like barbs that won’t let go.  Clusters of them fall onto the ground waiting to leap out at sneakers and poodle legs.  I learned my first desert hiking rule… .always carry gloves.

I think the latin name fits this plant the best….Molesta!


Cylindropuntia molesta Common Name: Agujilla


Cirio or Boojum Tree:  Click picture to read more


8 thoughts on “Day 136 Funny looking Plants in these here parts

  1. Love this post more than you know and it is people like your hosts that will make the trip worthwhile. Merry Christmas and hugs to you and the girls and btw your photography is looking AWESOME! So glad you are sharing your experience. Epic sends his love and is doing MUCH better than the last week. We start back to back classes in 2 Sunday’s with Nancy – cross training and scent work. I need to build back my bond with him during this horrid teenage time! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Sherry, That means a lot coming from a much admired photographer! Glad Epic is doing well. Give him licks from his mom, auntie and grandma…and a pat on the butt from me 🙂


  2. Wendy Wahman says:

    Loved reading and getting to be with you there from afar. Daniel’s link only goes to that photo, not his site. Can you fix? I’d love to see more of his work. Thanks, VK, WW.


  3. Feliz Navidad! There are some wonderful rock outcrops here in CA, but love the one in your photo. Have also encountered the “molesta” here – but you’re the clever one to link it’s Latin name because they really DO find your ankles.:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • After pulling a few out of my ankles, I totally appreciated what the poodles when through when I pulled out the porcupine quills. “Ouch” doesn’t even describe it!


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