Day 140 Meet the Neighbors

Dec 25



Los Amigos. A mix of permanent structures and RVs

The town cemetery is situated next to the camping area.  It, like other things, was partly washed away during the hurricane.  It’s some 90 years old and, aside from the destroyed section, is maintained and cared for. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The graves are incased in cement and many have elaborate decorations.  Some of the poorer ‘residence’ are marked with a simple cross.  My favorite are the little houses where you can sit and visit.  It’s an interesting wash of color sitting in the middle of the parched brown desert.

grave grave2 IMG_6023grave3

An unusual holiday, for sure, without the usual fanfare of trees, lights, or christmas music.  I wasn’t planning on any kind of celebration but was invited to join a gathering of friends on this windy tropical beach.  It gave me the opportunity to meet some of the seasonal residence, an eclectic group of people, who’ve gotten to know each other after years of forming second homes in this remote place.  Canada, USA and Australia and of course Mexico were represented at the table.


France on the right


Caroll on the right

I had the opportunity to get to know France and Caroll a little during the party and over the next few days.  They are both Canadians who’ve been coming to México (primarily Baja) for at least a decade.  France has been involved with a volunteer veterinary clinic in Mulegé a town about 30 miles south.  I’m putting together a page to tell you all about the incredible work they’re doing.

Caroll is a writer and illustrator of children’s’ books.  Through her books you can see her passion for the Northwest Coast First Nations People.  Click the picture below to go to her website:


Caroll Simpson

 Her books are available on 

The party wound down, I said my good-byes and headed back to the Poodles.  I planned to leave at the crack of dawn …. ha ha ha…. so I said…..


This tidal beach is growing on us

5 thoughts on “Day 140 Meet the Neighbors

    • France and Ken are long time agility people. It was fun to talk ‘shop’ with them. She posted pictures of the Poodle girls on Facebook and someone from the Working Poodles group saw it and made the connection. It’s a very small world!


    • you’re so right! Apparently the funeral is a celebration of life. The first half is mourning as the body is put into the grave and covered but then a Mariachi band arrives and there is a lot of drinking, dancing and music. A true celebration of life.


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