Day 149-150 Que Es Esta?

Still in Loreto

Jan 3-4


I conceded and gave Nickel my wallet…. after emptying it of pesos course. You’d be surprise at what she’s inclined to buying.


Nickel carrying her wallet while watching Pelicans. Maybe she thought their beaks were big pocketbooks and she was going to give them some change.

Our first walk of the day was to the Marina which is a very nice walk along the harbor amongst with several large bronze statues; a Whale Shark and several Sea Lions, lines of fishing boats and dozens of Pelicans, Boobies, Gulls and terns taking advantage of the easy capture of fish in shallow waters.  Nickel was absolutely engaged with the Pelicans as they plummeted and crashed into the water.  I was worried at one point she might just follow a few into the bay.  Once again we were met by people asking questions about the dogs and children wanting to say hello.  Of course this was Eureka’s favorite part.loreto-marina

Later, the poodles and I scavenged along the shore north of Loreto and came up with some interesting creatures (at least parts of them) to research.  I thought it would be fun to post pictures and let you guess what they might be.  This might be too  much for the squeamish so be forewarned.

We’ll call the game…..

¿Que Es Esto(a)….. What is This?

Hints will be given as you go down the page and answer will be posted the following day.

¿QUE ES ESTA?stingrayhip This is my pelvis.  The poodles have decided this is the best thing on the beach to eat.  Their mom says it’s a good source of mucopolysaccharides, proteins, collagen, calcium, suffer, glucosamine and chondroitin.  Who cares.  The poodles say it tastes Grrrr-8!

scroll down↓

What’s your guess?








You might have thought I was a shark but you’re wrong.  This is my tail.  

Think you know????

scroll down↓










Nope, not a funny mask but that is my mouth.

scroll down↓










Have you guessed what I am yet?  Don’t be too sure!  ………….  

Tell us! What’s your best guess?

7 thoughts on “Day 149-150 Que Es Esta?

  1. Wendy Wahman says:

    Where does the pelvis fit on this thing. Behind it’s ears? What ears. I think Stingray is a fine guess. I kept thinking some body.


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