Day 151 Why Blogging can be so frustrating

Leaving Loreto

Jan 5




Everyday about 5pm the internet slows down to the speed of a three legged tortoise. I should know better than to try and do any work between 5 and midnight, but I do. Around 3pm the computer starts dropping out every 5 minutes or so and that’s the time I should stop what I’m doing and work on another projects. These days our routine isn’t structured around internet accessibility which means that we’re on the beach or in town from about 10am ’till 2.  At around 3pm I’m ready to settle in for some blogging. I try to work on pictures first and get things cropped and edited but without internet access I can’t download, upload or do any research. Some times the photos have me inspired and all I can do is to write notes (which I never seem to understand later in the night … having nothing to do with the wine or beer I happen to be drinking). So, instead of blogging (like I’d like),  I put away the computer and start dinner and putter around. It’s just like being home… those projects that sounded exciting when I was buying materials for them are now just annoying reminders what I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. For God’s sake, how hard could it be to do a LITTLE work?


Drying Laundry the Loreto way

No excuses no excuses. So in the past three days I’ve bathed and shaved the poodles (and I got a bang trim),bangs figured out the ivermectin dose (heartworm treatment), finally did some laundry, fixed the loose hanging, wobbly and shaking parts of the camper that were in need of attention after the dirt roads of Northern Canada and  most important of all


Tools: drill, wing nuts, bolts and adhesive backed industrial strength velcro.

I devised a way to keep the always-willing-to-break-into-the dogfood Poodles out of the kibble container.  It’s situated under the ‘couch’ and in the most convenient spot (next to the kitchen) so I didn’t want to move it.


What’ja think?

I feel pretty satisfied with the outcome and I’ve even tested its fortitude.  Dare I think that I’ve  finally out witted those girls?

I still have the aluminum grids for the windows to finish, (remember the pictures of that project I posted while in Escondido?), sew a cover for the front spare tire (to keep UV light from eating it up), slip covers for my sleeping bag, Marmot and bedspreads and last but not least, learn an entire language (that would be Spanish).

As I leave this lovely town…. and it’s INTERNET….. I reflect on how much this blogging thing can be great joy and excruciatingly pain.

1.  Internet slow slow slow and CONSTANTLY crapping out.

It isn’t uncommon for me to try to work on several aspects of the blog at one time.  This (in theory) maximizes my time.  While I painstakingly wait for something to load/download I can work on something else.  Of course sometimes this is counter productive because using twice the internet space slows the internet downs 100x more.  Sometimes I have to simply put the laptop down and ignore it for 15-20 minutes while it loads a page.  Hum… reminds me of the good ole days of computing!

2. Pictures that have to be reduced to upload = blurry.

I have to reduce the size of the pictures to such a degree that they appear blurry online.  I suppose this isn’t such a biggy but heck my pride is at stake.  Sometimes it also makes for an impossibly blurry map.

3.  No time to edit.

This is probably the worst aspect.  I can work all night on one page and run out of time for editing.  I’ve tried to create the page in “Word” and transfer it to the blog but thing are always jumbled around in the end.  I also think visually so I need to see what the page is going to look like.  I frequently build my ‘story’ around the pictures so I need to have all my research finished for the final product..  I’m also slow.  I need to put the work down and come back to it several times (with fresh eyes) in order to edit it properly.  Since I’m frequently many days behind I’m working on several pages at once and I just don’t have the time to edit once I find a campground that has any speed of internet.

4. and that leads me to the last part.  I need to find the internet.  I need to get to an area that has internet… simple as that.  If I’m out of range I quickly get behind.  It’s always a catch-up game.

Now don’t get me wrong!  I love doing this blog.  I particularly love the photography and research part of the process.  I’ll keep chugging along.  I just needed to vent :)…. and ease my pride by qualifying some of my poorly edited or fragmented postings.

This is also why I’m never caught up.  If I’m on the road for a few days I need to get to town and take a few days to do the work.  I’m also stingy.  Being in Loreto is a great example.  I’ve just spent 4 days catching up on the blog.  Do you think I”m posing all of those at the same time?  No Way!  I have them ready to ‘go out’ and can predate them to automatically post.  This way I can have a post go out each day during the time ahead, when I have no internet access.  Clear as mud?  Suffice it to say that while my next 3 days of blogs are hitting the airwaves, I’ll be taking pictures and making notes concurrently so I can then catch up again when I find the next town.  Oh,  I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

 So for now….. I think I’ll take a break and contemplate my navel….. no pictures please.

12 thoughts on “Day 151 Why Blogging can be so frustrating

  1. Wendy Wahman says:

    How about composing your blog in a word processing program like Pages (it’s free to download and super easy to use) or Word? You can prepare your photos ahead of time in Photoshop or that free program Joe uses, and even drop them in where you want them. This way you’ll have all the time in the world to polish your posts and upload them when the internet is fat and sassy. Just sayin’ … xo


  2. Good grief. If I were taking a trip to Mexico in a John Steinbeck mode, I’d forget about the internet and concentrate on trying to outwit Scarlett from getting into the food so her little sister can toodle along and suck it up. Gotta hand it to you, you are a phenom. Maybe even a glutton for punishment….but on the other hand what you are sending out both in words and fotos are wonderful, even with a not always cooperative etherworld. Maybe you should put on the phrase of the day in Spanish? At least I can try to help you there some.

    Gizmo61 is Mike C




  4. Mich says:

    Vikki We are all just happy to know about what you are seeing, feeling, and experiencing on this journey. The gratitude and wonder I feel reading about your trip dwarfs any expectation I have of having a blog everyday although I wait with baited breath for the email to come in.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi! I’m from Alaska and have written before. I travel almost every year in Mexico and use a Telcel Aircard, through the same cellphone towers as Mexican phones, so if you already have one perhaps where you are located the connection is the problem. The small USB connector with Telcel SIM card is purchased from Telcel, but the account can be recharged anyplace people pay for their cellphone minutes.

    I enjoy your blog, and feel like I’m traveling along with you.


  6. First off, you’re a genius, pre-dating the blog posts! I didn’t know that feature was available! I learn something new every day…

    Secondly, you’re a saint… I’d go mad waiting for internet pages to load… just like the good old ‘dial-up’ days! I get frustrated just waiting for a slow streaming show on my laptop lol… and I have full internet here at home!

    Thirdly, you’re stealth, fixing up that kibble container to be as locked up as Alcatraz 😉

    Thank you for posting, we all love your blog, whether posts show up each day or every few days, we’re all taking this journey with you!

    Roll on and happy trails!



  7. Lighten up sister! Honestly, time to find a non-online tool that will allow you to insert pictures and save on your local computer. Then blog as you have time by cut and paste or if WP will allow you to upload and edit. That way you still get your writing done even if you don’t get it published. This is YOUR trip not ours….


  8. Cindy says:

    I’m sure this is where that phrase “mañana” always comes with a toss of the head, a shrug and a floaty hand gesture… as one reaches for another shot of tequila…
    you’re so fun Vikky… so real… thank you for sharing every emotion with us – – –
    now where is that tequila ? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I think you have one of the most beautiful blog sites. You are far more patient than I am and a role model as I learn how to manage similar obstacles. And I only have ONE dog to hide food from, take out to pee etc. I can’t even begin to think of working on more than two posts at a time!


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