Que Es Esta #2

Shark attack (ed)


There are  small shark heads littered along the beach near Loreto, a sad example of non-sustainable fishing methods.  Mexico has leased out fishing in the Sea of Cortez to the Japanese a huge consumer of shark products.  As I always interject, however, we need to look at our own consumption of these products before criticizing to vehemently.


A tasty snack




 If you can guess this without any more clues I’ll give you a million dollars….   

Shall I give you a few hints?  These were left over from harvesting other parts of the animal and the poodles LOVED to gobble them up.  We found them on the beach near Los Amigos Playa where the coastal water was thick with seagrass.





Apparently, unlike the reckless harvesting of sharks, there are certain groups in Mexico who are trying to control the collection of these animals for consumption.  They are highly prized by local Peoples and often seen as delicacies in restaurants.  Perhaps you need a visual hint…..







seapenalthough not commonly seen on the backs of poodles, this gives you a nice perspective of its size.

¿Que Es Esta?……


A parting shot of wild beach poodles wresting over a shark’s head



It’s eat or be eaten around here!


10 thoughts on “Que Es Esta #2

  1. Wendy Wahman says:

    Is that cilia? Some bottom feeder? Whatever it is, shore looks finger lickin’ good!
    Did you get my Really Good suggestion to compose your blog offline then copy and paste during high internet reception? Hope that helps. We’d be lost without your posts, Vikki. Anchors away, stay anchored. xo


  2. sunshineuu says:

    Siempre me gusta tu blog! Sooo, it looks like a tongue, but boney. Hmmmm Are the girls eating them? I hope you can find some kind of program that will let you work visually, but off line. Wendy Wahman is right about that! Keep us guessing (Why wasn’t learning in school this fun?) Toodles Poodles. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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