Que Es Esto #3

¿Que Es Esto?

Your first clue is a small portion from this pelagic animal.

Scroll down ↓


No these aren’t teeth!   But they’re hard like teeth↓



Scroll down ↓

Is this a head or a body?

Bird of some kind?

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Poky feathers?  hummmm…..

¡Los perros quieren comernos!  The poodles keep collecting us from the beach.  Their mom keeps taking us away from them and now she has a huge pile of us.  I know why the perras like us so much.. .because we’re stinky but I dont’ know why their mom is so adamant that we’re not eaten (since she let’s the perras eat just about everything else!).  We frequently appear on the beach after a windy day and the gulls like to eat our eyes, although they don’t seem interested in the rest of us.  We try not to let that hurt our feeling.

¿Que Est Esto?

stay tuned…….

9 thoughts on “Que Es Esto #3

    • I wish i kept the one in the photo because it was pristine. Since then the ones have been very stinky. If I find a good prospect I can try to send but it might be stopped in the mail.


  1. Hmmm. Is the second to last pic of the mouth? If you won’t let the girls eat them, they might be poisonous – I agree with the puffer fish. (Thanks for doing the hard work previous posters) 🙂


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