Day 157 Esto Es….. #4

Esto Es…. 

Chiton or  Los Quitones or Chiton virgulatus

Not to be confused with Chitin… “a long-chain polymer of a N-acetylglucosamine, a derivative of glucose,” which is what I looked up trying to find this weird creature.  I remembered it from childhood but couldn’t exactly remember it’s name.


Click here to learn more about this crazy mollusk


Although 15 species of chitons have been recorded in Baja their basic ecology is poorly known. Most chitons are grazers and it’s believed that their diet consists mainly of algeas.


Watching the manner in which they moved I expected to see legs under the shell. Nope, Chitons are mollusk and are built like snails.

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough so here are a few videos to watch various varieties in action. They’re really pretty amazing little beasties.

Click below:





11 thoughts on “Day 157 Esto Es….. #4

  1. Evelyn Englander says:

    Thanks for the lessons on Marine Biology. Amazing video of the Chiton rolling its slimy little self into a ball and rolling over!! I not only LIKE this blog — I LOVE it!!
    Gracias (One of my few words in Spanish)


  2. poodlechick says:

    Hey, the gumboot chiton at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, not far from my house! Like a relative, practically! A grazing, slow moving relative! Love the videos.


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