Day 165 We’re not in Kansas any more

We Made it To the Mainland!


Expecting to arrive at 5am I was wake long before the clamor of chains and the revving of engines signaled our arrival. It was around 9am which meant that our crossing took 11 hours rather than the promised 8 so I guess the currents or wind or phantom whale crossings slowed us down. Once disembarking was under way things moved swiftly.Exiting the ferry was hugely easier than boarding and it was only a matter of waiting our turn to load onto the lift driving then the lower deck and finally to terra firma. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWithin minutes we were headed down the Mexican 15D, a north/south coastal toll highway. Because the crossing had been unexpected I hadn’t changed money or gotten diesel making us low on both cash and fuel. I wasn’t worried about the diesel because there are Pemex stations everywhere but changing money can be a problem. In Mexico money isn’t exchanged in a bank, it’s done at a cambio (cash exchanges) and cambios aren’t always easy to find.

The toll highway turned out to be much more expensive than I’d anticipated and I was a little concerned at first about running out of cash but soon learned that credit cards were accepted. In Baja the Pemex gas station had cambios but unfortunately it appears that’s not the case here on the mainland. We’d get to Mazatlan with no problem. Surprisingly each 25 miles has a toll station costing about 8 dollars, half of what I pay for some camping spots. Despite it being a toll road the highway is in a state of disrepair and riddled with construction requiring me to drive with due-diligence.


We made good time on the road and reached our RV campground in Mazatlan by 3pm. Without much fanfare I found the perfect campsite and the poodles and I settled in. This is more manicured park and it appeared that most sites were well-established structures. The site is almost fully occupied by full time snow birds and I was luckily enough to get one of the very few spots reserved for short term-ers. Little Oso was surrounded by large permanent buildings called Palapas which are elaborate adobe and glass structures with palm leaf roofs and tile floors
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur back yard is a groomed area on small cliff and a rocky beach below. This area, unlike the rest of the beach front in Mazatlan is predominantly Mexican and at low tide it is frequented by Mexican families and couples.


Getting squirted

Our routine here was simple; rise at 7, breakfast followed by a walk on beach, return for lunch followed by a walk on beach, dinner followed by a walk on the beach and to bed. The day time walks took us south on a white shell powder beach toward the stretch of large hotels called the “Golden Zone” where we spent our time wading through the water, playing fetch and chatting with people from around the world: Germany, Iran, Canada, United States, Mexico and Italy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In the evening we went north to a beach that appeared to be a local favorite. Since the tide was out around 2pm we joined the vacationing Mexican families by exploring the large tide pools.

I’m not sure which beach I like better.  It had fantastic tide pool filled with brightly colored fish, great big crabs, sea anenomies, oysters and muscles. The best part, however were the pools big enough for the dogs to swim.

Sorry guys…. I’m just sending this the way it is because I’m having internet problems…. LOL  you get it incomplete and in the rough!




5 thoughts on “Day 165 We’re not in Kansas any more

  1. Marilyn says:

    Glad you made it across the Gulf and are safely back on land. I bet the dogs are delighted with their new diggins ~ foot lose and fancy free on the beach again! Great pics ~ thanks for sharing.


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