Day 166-168 Life’s a Beach

Gold Zone


Sandy mouth

Jan 19-23

I’m finally caught up on the usual chores but of course my primary goal was to change money so I headed to the Gold Zone to find a cambio. The bus ride into town was simple and direct. I did ask the bus driver If it was possible to take dogs on the bus on the off-chance I wanted to do some city walking with them, and he looked at me as if I was crazy so the dogs stayed home. He also wasn’t the most patient trying to decipher my Spanish.

I’ve found that most Mexicans who can speak English will preëmpt me by speaking English. I’m trying very hard to not fall into the trap of speaking English instead of Spanish so even if they initiate a conversation in English I try to answer in Spanish. Most people are happy to help when they realize that you’re trying.   I went to the bank and told the teller that I wanted to change money, Quiero cambiar Dolores. She told me that they didn’t change money in the bank but I could go to a cambio that was down the street and to the right.   I was extremely proud of myself that I understood what she said and headed down the street and found the cambio. So once again I said, “Buenas tardes, Senoir. Quiero cambinar dolores.” He grinned and said, “dolares a pesos.”   So I repeated, “Quiero cambinar dolores a pesos.” We continued in this elementary conversation as teacher and student while having a simple conversation. He was very careful to speak slowly and patiently corrected my mistakes. As it turns out he had lived in LA for 10 years and learned to speak English the hard way, through immersion and perseverance. He said not to be embarrassed trying to speak or practice. It was such a heart warming and encouraging exchange I couldn’t stop grinning. As I walked down the street, like a very happy idiot, I shouted “hola” to all the merchants I passed.


If you’re in Mazatlan and would like to meet Manuel and buy his book you can find him with this information. Click to enlarge.

So my next chore was to find a Spanish verb book. I’d found the address for a used bookstore and set out to find it.   Having only a hand written map it was necessary to do a little hunting and finally I saw a sign (in English) that said Book Store, so I headed down the alleyway.  mathew What I found wasn’t the store I was after but a curios shop. The merchant came out and offered me to come inside. I told him that I was looking for a Spanish vocabulary book and he showed me the book he had.   It was his own publication and had a variety of sayings, verb conjugations, info about Mazatlan, etc. I told him that I was looking only for a book of Spanish verbs but he was such a good salesman I decided that I had to buy his book He signed it for me on the off-chance that some day his book becomes a famous some day. I eventually found the proper bookstore and by some luck bought the only Spanish verb book they had and it had just come in the day before…. Sitting on top of a pile in the back of the store.

I decided, despite the fact that I’d left the dogs behind I wanted to catch the bus to the Old Town.

calle  fruit

Not having a clue about which bus to take, I asked around and eventually got on the appropriate bus , asked around once more to find out where to get off to find some vegetables and fish. The two women sitting in front of me had no idea so I turned around and asked the two men behind me. They didn’t know either. I was just thinking that I might as well just take the bus back ‘home’ when they offered that I join them since they were going to walk back to the Golden Zone and it might be a good way to see Old Town. We ended up walking the lower beachfront into the old city, having a beer and heading back to the Gold Zone with them. They were great company.gang

It was finally time to head back to the dogs and so we could take our accustomed late afternoon walk on the beach.



Fearless Niña




Time to get home to call Olympus about the camera.  It’s showing a Card Error and needs to be sent in for repair.   The Mexico Facebook group suggests that getting a new camera is the best option since I may lose the camera in the Mexican mail system.  Of course this means I need to find a destination address for shipping.  I’m not sure what to do.


Practicing obedience on the beach


Lunch Time

In the mean time I am back to using the iPhone for photos

Tomorrow we leave to head south


Back Home

4 thoughts on “Day 166-168 Life’s a Beach

  1. I don’t know what if any you’d find but would think in the larger tourist towns there might be a place to get a camera. Of course you probably were more likely to find that in Baja at a Walmart there but hey you never know. A new one might get lost in the Mexican post as well. BUMMER!


  2. schuldtfamily says:

    the beach looks so inviting. we spent many a day & night in old town at a home (very old)that is in the family of a friend of ours.
    maybe there is a chain of hotels (like hilton or marriot) that has multiple locations and you can have camera shipped to one further south. tell them you will mention them in your very popular blog !!!


  3. There’s a little camera & photo processing store around the corner from the Teatro Angela Peralto near the Plazuela Marchado in the Old Town area. They might be able to fix your camera (or maybe sell you a reconditioned used one). New electronics in Mexico are much pricier than in the U.S., but the Wal-Marts in Mazatlan or PV might have a deal on something.


  4. Hi Vikki. Card error? Not camera error? Is it still under warranty? Maybe you just need a new card, or a re-formatt of your existing card, not a new camera. I’d be a shame to lose access to your Oly… You’re doing so well with it. Let me know if I can help you out at this end. I like the previous poster’s idea of having a new camera shipped to a chain hotel… in PV maybe. Perhaps a large retailer like B&H could put that together for you. Am kind of surprised, Olympus cameras are pretty reliable. But that humidity can do a lot of damage if it gets past the seals. Your relationship and control over Eureka, Tin Tin and Nickel continues to amaze me. Of course this is coming from someone who is three weeks into life with a twelve week old Scotty, which is a little like living with a squadron of 2-year-olds. I’m still a month away from Cooper riding shotgun and heading south again. My arms and ankles should be healed by then.


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