Day 170-177 One Week- quick and dirty


Jan 24-31


What can I say, another beautiful beach

I’m recovering from a nasty flu that started the day after leaving Teacapan so you’re going to get the short and simple version of my time there…..

It was a long straight forward drive from Mazatlan to Teacapan but once I found the town things got a little confusing.   I arrived at the quaint little town around 3pm… my cut off for arriving at my destinations and according to my book there were 4 RV campgrounds.

It took me 4 round trips up and down the road to finally run into someone who lead me to one of two open campgrounds.  Neither had signage on the road.   We ended up staying 6 days in this quaint sleepy fishing village but even the dogs were ready to leave by the time we pulled out of the campground.  We’re clearly in the tropics now and it’s hot and humid making it hard to do much between the hours of 12 and 3pm.  I’ve linked up with another Gringo, Blake, who is going to travel inland to get away from the heat and into the mountains.  Our first destination is Guadalajara so I can get a new camera.


Two young men just getting out of work on a farm hitched a ride into Teacapan.


Highlights of Teacapan


One of three places I stayed

I met Andrew and his friend Mathew when they walked past me at the beach campground.  They’re life long friends from Poland but ironically live in Washington.  Andrew invited me to use his kayak and bike and eventually for me to park in his yard for a few days.




Trying to tame the wild dogs at the restaurant


The dogs won and earned some tortillas

Mathew my Tourist Amigo who teased me about being a professional traveler (while he was a tourist), renamed TinTin ‘Mamasita’ and taught me about Minutos Mexicano.

Down Town Teacapan


The primary mode of transportation


Really good such in Mexico



Yet another Poodle admirer

victor vicfeed

Exciting times with dolphins


Click here to see a little video



One again Nickel shows her concern by trying to drag the paddle board in if I went too far. Mathew on the left.


Blake and I being smothered by poodles



Local Gringo benefit to raise money for local schools…. as you can see the poodles go everywhere!

And finally leaving for Interior Mexico


A typical archway to a town or village



13 thoughts on “Day 170-177 One Week- quick and dirty

  1. France says:

    We are enjoying your updates! So glad that the dogs are doing so well. Sorry to hear about the flu. Hope that you are back to your “lnormal” self in no time.


  2. So happy you’re feeling better and able to give us an up-date! You Do look great and happy too. Did I miss it?… what are the “haystacks” on the shore? They all look like they’ve been groomed to look similar. :o)


  3. I love to see your smile! And I agree, Mamacita is the best name for Tin Tin. She is the epitome of Mamacita! I hope you are feeling better and ok for travel though. There is nothing worse than being sick “on the road” in my experience. Keep us updated!


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