Day 178- 183 Interior Mexico

Into the Land of Agave and Sugar Cane

Feb 01 – 06

caneI couldn’t figure out why so many trucks were hauling sticks around.

The difference in temperature was notable within the first few hours of driving inland. I could tell the dogs had a lot more energy and TinTin even kicked up her heals when we took our first break. It also didn’t take long for the terrain and fauna to change from flat to hilly and low brush to large Ficus and larch like conifers. It’s definitely farmland here and the main crop is clearly sugarcane and agave.  I saw my first sign pointing in the direction of a ‘pyramid’ and my heart skips a beat at the thought of experiencing a little more of the historical or cultural aspects of Mexico.


Our first night stay was at a small ‘neighborhood’ made of Mexican and American summer homes.  Apparently over the past decade or so most of the residents passed away or simply left, leaving the gated property a tidy and quaint ghost town.  It continues to be maintained despite the “Se Vente” signs in the windows.


 We enjoyed a stroll down the silent


Onward and upward….. Literally.  We are gaining altitude as we travel East.  The landscape is made from ancient volcanoes and lakes.  We’re headed toward an area known for its thermal pools.

Some not so unusual traffic along the way



 I don’t think these two pictures can do this truck justice.   It was one of the more ridiculous vehicles I’ve seen on the road and trust me I’ve seen some doozies.  It had three under-sized tires and one monster-truck size on left front.  How the two front wheels turned on the same axle I have no Idea!  Granted it was going at a snail’s pace. Tires seem to be at a premium here and they weir them down to nothing and provide the opportunity for some mighty creative solutions for replacement.


We arrived in Villa Corona just in time to enjoy the Thursday Market.  Little did I know that I’d be hit by a wicked-bad sinus/flu the next day. I didn’t realize I was getting sick and while buying groceries I managed to spread my plague to the town.  I’m sure Villa Corona’s children thank me for that. The rest of the week was spent  in bed nursing a fever.  Luckily there was  space for the dogs to run around and my buddy Blake tried his best to take care of me…. despite my resistance for him do so.


One of the many vendors at the Market


Blake buying Tortillas while the Perras wait



Making our lunch


Pay off for waiting! This dear boy shared his own lunch with the girls


Typical town sightsIMG_6511



Despite Internet availability I didn’t get anything accomplished on-line but managed to figure out where to go next. Once my fever broke we headed farther East staying at a few sub optional camping areas in order to get to our next destination ….. We were headed to see the

Michoacan Monarch Butterflies……..

5 thoughts on “Day 178- 183 Interior Mexico

  1. Shirley and Jack McCollum says:

    Hola Vickki, Erika Wells gave you our address and email, I believe…we look forward to meeting you
    ..we’re in Patz.


  2. Looks like some kinda gray days and so glad you were able to nurse yourself back to health with Perra help I am sure. Love the street vendors and I wonder too how that truck was even able to drive – much less steer!


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